Friday, April 26, 2013

The Lose It Challenge Is Complete

The 10-week challenge I was participating in at work is now over. Here are my results:

Initial body fat: 31.6%
5-week body fat: 30.8%
Current body fat: 30.7%
Down 0.9% total

Initial weight: 188 (actually 188.2, but 188 is what I typed into the machine)
5-week weight: 185 (actually 185.2, but 185 is what I typed into the machine)
Current weight: 182 
Down 6 pounds total

Pathetic. But at least I'm still going in the right direction. And I've definitely noticed a change - my face looks thinner, and my clothes are fitting differently. Now that I'm starting to wear my summer clothes again, skirts I haven't worn since probably August are noticeably looser than they were. Only 7 lb to go until I reach my short-term weight loss goal! It looks like such a small number, but knowing me, it's going to take the rest of the year to lose it. Sigh. Time to start running again!

As far as our team goes, the other two members both went down, too, but we don't stand a chance at winning. Which is fine. I didn't really expect to. We were chatting with another challenge participant while we were getting measured, and one of the guys on her team lost 20 lb! Men. Still, It was good to have another source of motivation for a couple months, even though I slacked off during the second half of it.

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