Friday, April 12, 2013

Trends I Can't Get on Board With

Oddly, I started a post like this last year, but I never got around to publishing it. Now that FBFF's theme of the month is trends you love or hate, I guess I feel justified now to complain about a few things.

For the most part, this list includes trends I don't like on me. I don't want to ruffle any feathers, and these trends look perfectly fine on some people. I should mention, I wear a lot of things I said I never would, so my opinions on these things could change in the future.


Cutout shoulders. While I do like my shoulders, I'd much prefer an off-the-shoulder or halter or strapless means of displaying them. To me, cutout shoulders just look silly. This particular trend was more of a thing last year when I started this list, but I still see them around occasionally. The cutout belly baffles me, too, but that's only because I couldn't wear anything like that ever. Can you imagine what happens when you sit down? Well, maybe not on you, but on me for sure. Not pretty. I'm not against all cutouts, though. I like back and maybe side ones as long as you can pull them off.

Flashbacks to 8th grade *shudder* (source)

Printed pants. Floral, ikat, houndstooth, what-have-you, I can't do it. They just remind me too much of stuff I wore in the 90s and probably 80s and stuff my daughter wears now. I'm not a fan of the wide-leg or skinny variety on me, but I like a printed short. Don't ask me what the difference is in my mind. Less fabric, I guess. This is totally one of those trends I could see myself bending on someday.


Ombre clothing. I just don't get it. It always looks homemade to me, no matter what.


Loafers and brogues. I tried on a pair of studded loafers at H&M because I was looking to add some edgier accessories to my wardrobe, but no. I resisted TOMS for awhile because I thought they'd make my feet look even more boat-like, which they do. Loafers just do me no favors. Depending on the style, I don't mind them on others, but I'm not a fan if they are granny-like in the least. Watch, I'll totally break down and buy a pair eventually.

Stretch mark shirts. This one probably isn't appropriate for a trends post, but it just makes me so annoyed and confused (and frankly, stabby) that I had to mention it. I don't know what they're actually called, but those shirts with the white creases in them. I tried to find a picture on Google, and I don't even know what to type in. If I ever find a picture, I'll update this post with one. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Why do people wear those? Is it just a Midwestern thing? It literally looks like your shirt got stretch marks. I don't know. Maybe they're not as prevalent as they once were. I'll have to report back once I go to Summerfest a few times. Wah wah...I kid because I love. I totally need to do a People of Summerfest post. That would be the best. Milwaukee is the 9th worst dressed city in the nation, after all.

The 10 Worst Dressed Cities By Movoto

OK, I've probably unintentionally offended enough people now. I better call this a post.


  1. ugh yes those stretch mark shirts lol. saw a few of them yesterday at the mall.

  2. i am with you. loafers have stumped me for the longest time. i hate saying this and potentially offending a blogger friend who may wear them, but i really have not seen one female i think they look good on. i don't get them! and cut out shirts just seem like such a pain to have to wear a strapless or different type of bra with, haha.