Friday, April 5, 2013

What I'm Wearing This Weekend

I'm all packed and ready for my cross-state concert adventures this weekend. After work, I'm off to Evanston, IL, to catch Miggs opening for The Alternate Routes, and then tomorrow is Indianapolis for the same lineup. Right now, I'm sitting at the car dealership, waiting for my oil change to be done. To kill time, here's what I'm planning on wearing this weekend in Polyvore form. Hopefully I'll get pictures of the actual outfits to post early next week.

Concert Attire

I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that Saturday's outfit was inspired by Isaac Hanson's wife (the picture is fine, but the name of the website may be NSFW).


  1. I cannot wait to hear about your weekend, sounds like fun!! What ere you doing in Evanston? That first outfit is great, looking forward to seeing how you styled it!

    1. I was seeing Miggs and Alternate Routes play at Space! Then, we hit up some bar down the street afterwards, and one of the patrons asked if we were Northwestern students. Haha, flattering, but no.