Monday, April 22, 2013

Maybe Next Weekend

As much as I wish I had Emmy Rossum's exactly yellow skirt she's wearing in the Inspiration Monday photo for today, I don't. I actually thought I did because it looks so much like something I would have. The material is similar to fabric I have sitting in the dining/sewing room waiting to be made into a dress; and for a minute, I thought that I might actually finish it this weekend. Ha, yeah no. I've been saying that almost every week since August 2011 when I bought the pattern (and now I'm not using either of the fabrics I showed in that post). Maayyyybe next weekend... I did finally start it, though, by cutting out the fabric yesterday. The pattern claims it's very easy, so hopefully the sewing part will be quick and painless. Whenever I get to it.

Skirt and Shirt: New York & Company; Necklace: ?; Shoes: Michael by Michael Kors

Don't ask me why I'm grabbing my skirt like that. I've been doing it all day, I think because it fits differently than it did last year when it hit me more at the waist.


  1. what a beautiful skirt! and you are not alone...i have so many started or "in my head" projects just waiting for me to finish (or even start) them!

  2. That skirt is gorgeous! So perfect for the inspiration and for Springtime.
    Visiting from Inspiration Monday!

  3. what a fun pattern. i hate when the fit of clothes change. either cause my body changed or they get shrunk in the wash. grrr! anyway i can't sew at all, so you do better than me, i'm sure. ;)