Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Spring!

Dress: Prabal Gurung for Target; Blazer: Gap; Boots: Madden Girl; Bracelet: Pandora;
Travel Mug: Rodarte for Starbucks; Bag: Michael Kors

I had a meeting with my boss today, and he commented on my brightly colored outfit, and I also got a couple compliments from female coworkers  (sometimes hard to tell with men if it's a compliment or not). I was so excited about the prospect of one day above 50° that I busted out my new Prabal Gurung for Target dress and added a bright pink Gap blazer for an even springier look. Considering it's still not that warm, and the dress is kind of short for work, I decided to go with boots instead of some shoe alternative. Clearly, I forgot what 50-degree weather feels like because it was still pretty chilly.


  1. Ooh, I love your blazer!! What a fun piece! I rocked bare legs yesterday in Minnesota (on a 55 degree, WINDY day) and totally forgot what it felt like, too. I was a little chilly, but it still felt so nice to have bare legs :)

  2. You look great! Very springy. And I love the hot pink on you!

    I know what you mean about 50 degrees though. I always forget to account for wind-chill on my bike rides (because I ride soooo fast) and 50 degrees is NOT warm enough for bare legs.

  3. cute dress! Totally on trend too of course (yay I know what is on trend)