Thursday, May 26, 2011

Caffeine Coquette Post and Guest Bloggers to Come

I'm going high class in this week's Caffeine Coquette post and talking about Mademoiselle Chanel and her contributions to the menswear "trend."

Also, stay tuned this weekend for some great guest posts from a few of my favorite Wisconsinite bloggers while I am on vacation in Florida. All three of these girls seem really sweet, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet them all someday!

By the way, I am TERRIFIED of flying, so if you could send prayers/happy thoughts my way, I would appreciate it. See you all next week for tons of pictures from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!


  1. Rebekah, I saw you on the Huffington Post today in Wendy Brandes' blog - congratulations!

    And, enjoy your time in Florida!

  2. Right back atcha girly! I was wondering when that post was going up.

  3. Have a great trip and if I haven't mentioned how jealous I am that you're seeing's the time. Nerd out for me!

    P.S. Summer blogger meet-up?