Monday, May 16, 2011


I have a couple of menswear-type looks for you today. The first one is for Inspiration Monday, and I wore it running errands on Saturday and then out to a casual dinner with the extended fam. The shirt is my husband's, which is why I'm qualifying it as menswear.

Here's the inspiration photo:

And my interpretation:

Striped Tank & Shoes: Kohls; White Tank & Jeans: Target; Shirt: Husband's;  Necklace: Old Navy; Hat: TJ Maxx
I did cuff the sleeve once, but I should've rolled them up more to make the shirt more feminine.  I thought I'd feel like a dude in this shirt, but it was actually really comfortable.  And I did try to girl it up with a necklace.  I may have to steal it from the other side of the closet again because I know hubs never wears it.

So from happily grinning on Saturday to sleepily squinting on Monday.

Entire Outfit: New York & Company; Boots: Target

I'm doing double duty on this post, like I did last Monday, which actually ended up being triple duty.  Anyway, the theme for this week's Bloggers Do It Better is Prep School.  While all these items came from the women's section, the argyle sweater vest is definitely preppy and kind of menswear inspired.  Had I worn this with, like, bermuda shorts, I'd be ready for the golf course.  The hands in the pockets pose was supposed to be menswear inspired as well.

Alright, time to start my day.  Weekend recap of food and drinks to come later.



  1. I love both outfits. The argyle vest is such a cute look.

  2. the hat for the first outfit is cute, you look comfy and sweet. I like how you look with the second outfit with the hair in a cute bun, so preppy and smart.


  3. I love menswear, I wear it a lot more than I show in my posts. I guess the secret is to still project femininity while wearing it..and you did just that. I like that you wore a bun with the argyle sweater...great look for you with both outfits and how comfy are they? I better get crackin on this and take my photos. Dawn xoxo

  4. I love both of these looks on you. I'm terrible at menswear looks but you're making me want to give it another shot.

  5. I think you rolled the sleeves on the first outfit just enough. It looks cute and casual!

  6. love both outfits. the cloche is adorable. and i'm loving the argyle vest. i really dunno how i'm gonna pull together the menswear, but you have inspired me!

  7. Both outfits are great! I wish my hair was long enough to make a bun like yours! Daisy

  8. Gracey and Claire - I know what you mean. I usually don't do menswear either, and I had to resist the urge to accessorize this outfit. I definitely need to learn to simplify like this more often, I think.

  9. I like the first outfit and I like the vest in the second! I like how you use inspiration outfits. I thought about doing that!

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