Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrities Are People Too

The first and only time I was in New York City was to see Hanson (shocker) perform at Carnegie Hall in 2000.  After the show, my friends and I somehow found our way to the hotel at which the guys were staying.  We watched as Zac pulled up in a taxi and paid the taxi driver upon getting out.  For some reason, this was so cool to see.  He's a normal guy--he carries cash and pays cab drivers!  Weird!  Then, Taylor came along, carrying his infant son on his shoulders, and I thought he was a terrible father.  Haha.

Anyway, that's when I realized how fun it is seeing celebrities just being normal people.  It's just so surreal!  They seem like these untouchable beings, but they go to the grocery store, pay for cabs, take care of their children, etc.  This thought was sparked once again when I saw these pictures of Paul Bettany:



First, let me say, that I'm kind of obsessed with this man, and he would be at the top of my list (behind Isaac Hanson) if I got to have a "list."  You know, the list...  I even watched this horribly long movie he was in with Nicole Kidman called Dogville, in which he did a mumbled American accent that I could barely understand.  I mean, I get that it's an artsy film, but it was long, somewhat disturbing in the end, and the accent was bad.

ANYWAY, not only is he being normal in these photos and going on a walk with his kids (and holding his son's hand, awww), but he has an Australian Shepherd!  I have an Australian Shepherd!  Wow, I'm a dork.  Sigh, Jennifer Connelly is a lucky woman.

So that this post would have more of a point than just me ogling Paul Bettany, here are some other pics of celebs being normal folk just like the rest of us.

Grocery shopping with your child is not easy!  But of course, Halle Berry looks stunning doing it.

Rihanna rides a rollercoaster.  Fun!

Shia LaBeouf is holding a shopping bag, and he has keys.  Weird!  Yet normal!

Jessica Alba pumps her own gas.  Neat!

There's a popular family story about my in-laws riding a tandem bike and my MIL enjoying the view while FIL did all the work.  That's what I imagine is happening here with Jessica Simpson, hehe.

(Five bottom photos are from


  1. Chaucer!!!! I share your love of Paul Bettany. I've loved him since A Knight's Tale - I love that movie and he is absolutely perfect in it.

    I agree, isn't it crazy to see celebrities doing normal things? In my head they're either always on set or going to some fancy shindig so it's funny when you sit down and think 'oh yeah, I guess they need to buy groceries too'

  2. Yay, another Paul Bettany fan!! I started really liking him when I saw Wimbledon, so then I went back and watched A Knight's Tale. I must say, Chaucer has to be my favorite role of his. Now I want to watch that movie again!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about celebs doing normal things! I recently saw Zach Galifianakis on the sidewalk in NYC. He looked just like everyone wasn't until I was right next to him that I realized who he was!!!

  4. That's awesome! I have never had a random run-in with a celeb before that I know of.