Monday, May 30, 2011

Guest Post by Ginger Girl: It's Summertime

While I'm on vacation in Orlando, I've invited a few local style and mommy bloggers to tell you about what they're looking forward to this summer. Here is Pamela from Ginger Girl.

I was so flattered that Rebekah asked me to provide a guest post while she’s away enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend. It was exciting to find a fellow SE Wisconsin blogger and one with such a creative sense of style. I feel like I found a new friend. Thanks for including me, Rebekah!

So, this past weekend, I was thinking about different post ideas while I was sitting out on my deck enjoying the first real sun of the season. The smell of my SPF 60 (yes, I am a fair skinned red head that burns at the mere thought of the sun) combined with a Kenny Chesney song instantly put me in the mood for summertime activities and I instantly thought about all the good times we have planned this summer. Sure, Milwaukee may be known for being a “brew city” but it’s also the city of festivals. Whether it’s Polish fest, Summerfest, or Tosa Fest, there’s something happening every weekend of the summer. I love listening to live music, eating fried foods, and people watching. After a few hit and misses in the oufit detail, I think I’ve finally got it down pat. And while I’ve got nothing against a sassy high heel, every shoe has its place. And, in my opinion, a 4” pump doesn’t belong at a fair. Instead, here’s what I’m sporting:

it's summertime

Sunscreen is a must. I love La Roche Posay sunscreen products for my body and face. Seriously, I do wear SPF 60 on my face and this brand has never led to a break out. A bit pricey, yes, but it’s worth it.

I picked up this cute Eugenia Kim for Target fedora last year and have already worn it a couple times this season. Not only does it provide additional sunblock for the face and hair, but it’s stylish to boot!

I found a suspiciously similar pair of nude semi-cat eye sunglasses at Forever 21. I’m an accessories addict, so when a pair of sunglasses is less than $6, I usually buy a few. Especially when worn with the hat, you can totally check out everyone in the crowd without being obvious. Love it.

As I mentioned previously, I can’t see wearing uber high heels to a concert or festival when I know I will be on my feet for hours. An espadrille is the perfect answer to that problem. You can still get some length in your legs but have the comfort of a springy wedge. For this type of occasion, I tend to stay away from a wooden wedge and opt for the more ropey cushioned variation. I’ve walked many a mile in my espadrilles.

A purse with a crossbody strap is just perfect for a festival. Nothing like being hands free to carry around your cold beverage of choice and a basket of cheese curds (it’s a Wisconsin thing, trust me). My Rebecca Minkoff clutch is the perfect size for holding my iphone, ID and cash. I love the bag in the pop of color orange. Perfect.

The shorts and top can be switched out to a tank or jersey dress. My above listed accessories will pretty much be the same. So, if you’re at Lambeau Field on June 11 and you see a redhead walking around sporting this look, come over and say hi. It will be me.

How about you. Do you have any style tips for navigating the summer concert scene?

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