Monday, May 2, 2011

Solid Foods

Taken Saturday morning--I just thought it was cute how she was holding her burp cloth.

When we went in for Bridget's 4-month appointment, our pediatrician recommended we wait until she's 5 months old to start her on solids.  Well, one week shy is close enough, right?  Hubs got a little excited after talking to some friends about their experiences and went and bought some baby oatmeal.

We put 1 tablespoon of oatmeal in her 5 ounce bottle Sunday evening.  It took her probably twice as long to finish the bottle, and she spit it out several times when the nipple became clogged with oatmeal.  After I shook the bottle a little, she would continue drinking.  It seemed to do the trick because she slept from 7:00 until 5:15.

Optimistically, we tried again tonight.  She would suck at the bottle but wasn't actually taking any food in and started to get frustrated.  Hubs made the hole slightly bigger, but she still wasn't having it.  Finally, we went back to just formula, and she gobbled that down.

Now, I'm not sure what to think.  Maybe tomorrow, we should try giving the oatmeal to her with a spoon and see how that goes. 

So moms, what have your experiences been like when you first introduced solids to your kiddos?


  1. It's a totally new thing to them. Taste and texture wise. "A" wasn't too keen on solid foods (we gave her Gerber rice meal with a bit of flavored baby food in it). It takes a lot of trying, but she'll start to love it :) I'd put a bowl of rice meal or baby food (sweet potatoes is highly recommended first off the bat) and put her hands in the bowl and towards her mouth. See if she has a blast, haha. :)

  2. We never put cereal in the bottle. I would use a spoon. It may take a while for her to get used to it. You could always add a little bit of some puree to it if she's not loving plain cereal (Stephen never liked the cereal by itself). I would recommend starting with a veggie if you do a puree because if you start with fruit you'll have a hard time getting her to eat a veggie afterwards. Just my experience with the daycare kids.

  3. When we started on Oatmeal at 4 months We made a watery mixture of 1-2 tablespoons of Oatmeal with 1-2 oz of BM and spoon feed it to her. I did find though after 1-2 tries that Aubrey did not really like it watery so I made it a little thicker and she did really well with it.

    If she does not like it you could as Lindsey suggested add some puree to it. We started with Apples and Banana's and actually have never had a problem with Aubrey eating veggies. In fact Aubrey would rather her veggies then the fruit most days. So I do not necessarily think that starting with fruit vs. veggies will cause problems with a child not wanting veggies. Each kid is different.

  4. Thanks for the input, friends. Tonight, I'll try thickening it up a little and feeding it to her with a spoon and see how that goes. And since Bridget loves her hands so much, I'll have to try the putting her hands in the food trick, too.