Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vacation Recap

First off, thanks so much to my guest posters, Elena, April, and Pamela!  I enjoyed reading about what you're all looking forward to this summer.  Hopefully some sort of a blogger meetup is included in those plans!

I myself got a little taste of summer this weekend while vacationing in Orlando with one of my BFFs.  We took over 200 pictures between the two of us and hit up Universal parks in addition to visiting a friend in St. Petersburg.

Nerding it up with our wands and Hogwarts T-shirts

Since my weekend recap was getting really long, I put it on a separate page. To read all about my fun vacation, head on over here.

If you would like all 200+ vacation photos, they are located here.

It happened to work out that what I had packed for my traveling home day of vacation kind of looked like Emma Stone's outfit for Inspiration Monday (pastel-ish colored dress with a black pattern). I just decided to take along a black sweater instead of the white zip up sweatshirt I originally planned on, and I was good to go.  But when it was in the high 80s both in Orlando and Milwaukee, I ended up skipping the sweater altogether and just going with a scarf.  So it's a pretty loose interpretation.  But the bag is the same color, so that's something.

Here's the inspiration photo:

And my accidental but convenient interpretation:

Pointing to "Luna," one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.  Also, the name of the tower we stayed in.

Scarf substituted for the leather jacket in the inspiration photo.



  1. what a fun trip! all of the pictures make me want to go!! and this dress is perfect. i love it...i especially love that you didn't even plan it, you just happened to have it packed! perfect!

  2. lol. Rebekah, you're so funny. Glad you had a great trip. Welcome back!!

  3. I love Florida. Hope you had lots of fun.
    I like these little inspirations because they make me think "outside of the box". So your loose interpretation is just as good as anybody's elses. But it's yours!
    I love the sun,dress and so happy dresses are everywhere this year!

  4. I love how you love Harry Potter! I need to check out the vacation recap! It certainly sounds like a fun time was had by all!

    And yes, we should totally plan a meet up of some sort!

  5. I think we're meant to be friends. I heart Luna. It takes a special kind of person to love her. :)

  6. Gracey - Haha, glad someone else thinks so! Usually, I'm just laughing at myself. Har...har.

    Tammy - Couldn't agree more! Dresses are so comfy and cute. It's hard to resist buying every one I see...

    Pamela - Meetup this Saturday in Port! That's probably too short of notice, though. Heh.

    April - Looove Luna! I can't really put my finger on why. She's just so sweet and unassuming.

  7. Oooh how fun!! Luna is a trip and I have a special place for her in my Harry Potter heart! I soo have to go to Universal and check that place out! :)

  8. A fun trip and a great dress!

  9. Yes! High five for another Luna fan!

  10. I love seeing inspiration photos and then trying to recreate them with what I have in my own closet! It is suddenly like I am "shopping" in my own closet - I start seeing things in new ways and new combinations. You rocked that one successfully!