Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guest Post by Plus Size Momma

While I'm on vacation in Orlando, I've invited a few local style and mommy bloggers to tell you about what they're looking forward to this summer. Here's April from Plus Size Momma.

I was asked by Rebekah to do a guest post for her, and though I was excited I was also a bit intimidated. Not only does she have more readers, but she’s far more put together than I am and I wasn’t sure what I could offer in the form of gibberish. She recommended that I write something about what I’m looking forward to this summer, and unfortunately due to my recent Negative Nelly attitude I can’t be oh so excited about summer… but I’ll try my best, for Rebekah, because she’s fricken’ fantastic (see, I even curbed my swearing… just for her!).

Ode to Summer

hot humid
better than this
windy rainy
grey space.

sleeveless, SPF
painted toes
waxing appointments,
yeah, I said it.

Now that I was brilliantly impromptu, let’s talk Summer for real here. I cannot wait to open my sunroof (moon roof, what have you) and let my arm hang out the driver’s side window. I can’t wait to finally wear tank tops without a sweatshirt over them. I can’t wait to wear my flip flops outside of the house, and I can’t wait to see the look on my son’s face when I plop him down into a (very shallow, of course) pool for the first time. Oh what fun that will be! I just hope summer comes soon or else he’ll outgrow all those cute short sleeved& sleeveless rompers I recently bought. I love ice cream, and soon enough I won’t get crazy stares for eating it (in negative degree temperatures). I do not like the oppressive heat that comes with a Midwest summer, but I love that even as an adult summer still (always) feels like “vacation”.

To tell you the truth, I’m pretty surprised Rebekah asked me to guest post, considering my wacky, not very formatted way of writing things. I’m happy she did though. It’s an honor really.

So, with that said, I look forward to summer because I’m hell bound on setting up a play date between our little ones. At only a week ish apart they must be friends, and I’m dying to see how two completely different random women meet and get along.

I’m a sucker for social experiments.

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  1. Ice cream certainly made my list, too. And pshhh totally acceptable in winter (or so I tell myself as I buy the pumpkin variety repeatedly).