Thursday, May 12, 2011

Can I Stop with the Awkward Today and Start the Awesome Already?

I haven't done Awkward and Awesome Thursday in awhile, but this day merits it.

Brittany from Cycle 4, one of the members of the ANTM Cycle 17 All Star Cast (Source)


  • Checking my blind spot while driving and pulling something in my neck. Now, whenever I turn my neck to the left at all, it hurts.
  • Accidentally dragging the toe of my shoe, thus walking like a doofus as I walked by someone at work.
  • Family dynamics and the mixing of two families. Awkward AND stressful. Bridget's Baptism is coming up Sunday, so planning for it is starting to stress me out.
  • My work email not sending or receiving anything yesterday. That issue resulted in me giving people blank stares as they talked to me about emails they had sent.


  • The ANTM All Star Cycle! I would've liked to blog about the cast, but you can just read about it and see pics at A Blog About Things and compare it to my predictions. A couple girls that I really liked that were in my original 20 before I pared it down made the cut (Brittany and Laura, yay!). Then, there are a few that I think were just thrown in for the drama aspect. I am shocked that Heather from Cycle 9 isn't on the list.
  • Wine tasting tonight! I will hopefully blog about that this weekend at some point...
  • Birthday dinner tomorrow for one of Nate's friends. That I'll hopefully blog about, too, 'cause it's at a very tasty and kind of unique restaurant.
  • Bridget's Baptism! The event is awesome in and of itself, but she'll also be wearing the dress I wore when I was baptized. Doubly awesome.
  • Cookie dough was the flavor of the day yesterday at Kopp's! Pretty sure I had a cone while there and then a scoop later with the fam from the 1/2 gallon I bought. Clearly, the diet is going really well this week...


  1. I know about the whole baptism thing being stressful. We are not getting Aubrey baptized until the end of July because my brother's long time girl friend (one day soon fiance) who is going to be one of the godparents along with my brother is out of the country until July. In any case since it was so close to her birthday we wanted only to have our immediate family there meaning Just my parents and siblings and his parents and brother and Scott's mom threw a fit about how his grandma would be so sad blah blah blah. Drives me insane. Well his grandma can drive the hour out here for an hour long service and then leave because we are not doing anything after. I refuse to have two parties in a matter of 7 days.

  2. Seriously, Shannon from C1 and Camille from C2? How old are they now? I do like that short Laura is back though. She made me smile.