Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Warm! Oh Wait, Not Anymore

The weather was pretty much perfect yesterday. Sunny and 75. A tad windy, but what can you do? I didn't intend to take outfit pics yesterday, but when I got out of work and was hit by the sun, I couldn't resist taking advantage of it.

Kinda funny story. I set up the camera on the back of my car, and before long a gust of wind came as I was waiting for the timer to go off and blew my camera to the ground. Whoops. Luckily, although the battery and memory card popped out, it still worked fine upon reassembly. When it almost happened a second time (instead resulting in a shot of my hand as I caught it), I resorted to holding the camera in place with my knit coffee cozy.

Dress: Target; Shoes and Sunglasses: Payless; Belt: from  Kohl's shirt; Cami: Kohls?
I decided to practice my runway walk since I volunteered to be a model in a local fashion show in a couple weeks.  Don't worry, more details to come, and I will be bugging all the locals to come watch.  Hehe.

This dress was only $10!  It was another Target sale rack find.  That's kind of what I do now--find things I like at Target and wait for them to hit the sale racks.  The only problem with that strategy is that more times than not, I can't find the item in my size then.  This pink dress was an impulse buy, but I'm totally stalking a couple yellow Merona dresses for when they drop in price.

I also got the watch at Target the same day, and that was not an impulse buy.  I've been looking for a big, casual watch to wear when I don't want to put on my nicer Fossil one.  Unfortunately, you can't really try watches on before you buy them (at least not cheapo ones), so I bought a white Xhilaration watch from Target not too long ago that was a little too tight for my fatty wrist.  This time, my eyes wandered to the men's watches section, and I saw this off white one.  Perfect!

By the way, you may or may not have noticed the yellow in the bottom right hand corner of the two pictures above.  That would be my coffee cozy.  I could've edited it out, but I was kind of amused by it.  See?  Here's my setup:

I guess if I were smart, I'd just throw my tripod on my car.  That may be more subtle than a camera perched on my trunk.  Ish.


  1. The dress looks good on you and you definitely look like a model in the top picture.

  2. As Ms. J would say, you better WORK, girl!

    You look gorgeous!

  3. Super cute dress, isn't it great to find awesome deals on the sales rack?!