Sunday, May 1, 2011

Having Fun with My New Sewing Machine

Things I have sewn in the past include shorts that were a little too tight in the booty, a really cute shift dress, pajama pants that more closely resembled clown pants, random scrunchis, and Barbie clothes.  Having bought my sewing machine, I was excited to pick up some patterns.  Here are the two I bought at Walmart with their respective fabrics.

There's a reason the infant pattern does not say Easy on it like the women's pattern does...because it wasn't.  It wasn't terrible, but it was definitely the most complicated thing I've ever sewn, which admittedly, isn't saying much.  Making the ties was a little frustrating, but everything actually went pretty well until I sewed the bottom contrasting fabric on...backwards.  Whoops.  I skipped the appliques and instead made a rosette from a tutorial from The Sisters 4

I haven't done the topstitching yet because I had to Google was topstitching was, so I'll do that later.  The dress is way too big for Bridget right now anyway, so hopefully she'll grow into it once it gets hot out!

Next up, I take on the mommy sized dress.


  1. I think it turned out really cute! She will look adorable in it!