Monday, May 2, 2011

Still Not Quite Warm Yet

Wow, I'm not on my game today. This is my third time publishing this because I keep forgetting to add things like the Inspiration Monday button and the actually inspiration picture. Duh, losing (wait, do people still quote Charlie Sheen?).

And here's my interpretation:

Gray Cami: Old Navy; Black Cami: Kohl's; Cardigan: Kohl's??; Jeans: Maurices; Shoes: LL Bean; Hat: Target; Sunglasses: Payless

These are the same jeans that I wore for the Gwen Stefani challenge, and they are neither high-waisted nor wide leg. But, they were the right color, so I went with it. As for the fedora, well, I just liked it with the outfit again.

It was another windy and a little chilly day on Saturday when I wore this, which is why I'm holding my hat in the above picture. I took the baby and pup on a walk and let the dog run around this field, where everyone brings their dogs, while I took a few pictures. Here's what I actually wore on the walk:

Jacket: Target; Scarf: Overstock

Bridget was really tired, so she was none too pleased about this walk. Whenever I stopped pushing the stroller, she started crying. So I would quickly take ten frames, run back and rock the stroller, then take hurry and take another ten frames. After three times of that, I had to give up and head back. And she got a nap right when we got home.

This walk was spurred by the decent weather we were having and also my frustration with Bridget's dress I was sewing. I was so close to being done, so once I sewed the bottom strip of fabric on backwards, I had to take a break.

Once Bridget was asleep, though, as was the hubs and the pooch, I was able to turn on the Royal Wedding and finish up the dress.



  1. cute! so relax and country chic.


  2. love it! again, i adore this hat on you! you've got the outfit down!

  3. You brought playfulness to the look. The hat is a great addition.

  4. Cool outfit, any very true to the inspiration! I like :-)

    Relatable Style

  5. Hi! I agree with the girls, that your hat is really fun with this look. I admire so much that you got your pictures done with a baby in tow. Great job! My kids are 12 and 13, and it is a challenge to get it done. ;)

  6. The hat really adds spunk to your outfit-I love it! Kudos to you for getting outside and taking your pictures, especially with a baby and dog in tow. I have to wait for naptime around here!! LOL!

  7. I just bought a similar hat. I've never been a hat person before, so I'm not sure what came over me. Royal wedding, perhaps? Anyway. cute outfit, great blog. Just found you through Two Birds. Isn't Inspiration Monday great?

  8. Great interpretation! Wasn't it so darn windy this weekend? It was just awful! I just want it to be warm already!!!

  9. Thanks all!

    Mother in Heels & Mommy Moxie- I think it's a lot easier now since she's little and can't really do anything but sit there. I imagine it gets a lot harder once they're older and more mobile!

    Kimi - Hats are great! They just seem to make outfits more fun. And yes, I love Inspiration Monday!!

    Pamela - You're telling me!!! Give us some real spring weather!

  10. loving the fedora! i'm in love with hats. laughing at your jeans comment (not being high waist OR wide leg). though the jeans are fun, in the end it doesn't matter all that much and you look great in your go to jeans!

  11. i LOVE the addition of the fedora. fedoras make every outfit better in my eyes! aw, i'd think she would love the walk. it always puts my boy to sleep!

  12. Great hat Rebekah - what a fab touch
    Lori xo

  13. I agree with everyone else, I love the hat!