Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sewing Project Conundrum - Help Me Decide

You can click for a bigger version of my awesome cell phone taken picture to sort of see more detail.

I bought this vintage pattern after seeing it on What I Wore, and I've been trying to find a fabric for it ever since.  Now, I have two fabric options, but I can't decide what to do.  I was originally set on the polka dot, but I bought it on a whim and didn't get enough of it.  So at this point, here are my options:

  1. Go with the blue one (assuming I have enough of that) and find a new dress pattern for the polka dot.
  2. Find a contrasting fabric for the polka dot and make the dress on the left of the package instead of the one on the right. (If you pick this option, what contrasting fabric would you suggest?)
  3. Go back and see if I can find more of the polka dot fabric.

Which do you think is the best plan of attack?

Follow-up question, which is an even bigger conundrum.  For each fabric, what color bias tape should I use (bias tape being the red strips on the blue dress shown on the pattern package)?


  1. I like the polka dot fabric, but that is because I love polka dots. But seeing as you do not have enough of the fabric. Go with the blue fabric. You could always make the other dress, with the polka dot fabric later and find a contrasting color to go with it later.

    If you choose to do the polka dot fabric and do the other dress. What about doing a nice Irish Green or Hot Pink.

    If you are buying store bought bias tape... I have found it hard to find it in "custom" colors. Basically they have it in basic colors. That being said if you use the navy fabric I think a nice dark red would look fantastic with it.

  2. Polka dots are supposed to be a huge trend this fall, so you're in luck! (I bought the fabric before I learned that fact, so that was convenient.) Kind of weird to call them a trend since they're classic, but I don't make the rules.

    Have you worked with bias tape before? I never have, and I'm a tad intimidated by the idea. Is it easy?

  3. I like the idea of the dress on the left! A green colored fabric would be nice, I love navy and green together. Maybe ivory and then you can pair it with red shoes. Or make the dress pattern on the right using the blue fabric and use the polka dot for a sheath or pencil skirt? My mom sews and I should really sit down and finally learn! It's such a great skill to have.

  4. Polka Dot! Contrasting fabric. Maybe a white one, like the picture, I like that look.

  5. That is good to know, maybe that will give me a reason to go out and buy some new things since I hopefully will have a this thing called a job. We will see though.

    I have worked with bias tape before. It is pretty easy to work with. Not to hard, although I have never used it in the amount that would most likely be needed for the the dress. You shouldn't have to much difficulty.