Wednesday, April 27, 2011

America's Next Top Model All Star Cycle

It has just been announced that for Cycle 17 of America's Next Top Model, Tyra will be inviting back memorable girls from past cycles to compete. As someone who has loved every cycle but sometimes questioned the winners, I CANNOT WAIT! This announcement got me thinking...if I were to create an all star cast, who would be included? As much as I'd want to pick my favorites from every cycle, there would need to be some drama, too. It was really hard narrowing it down to 14...but here's who I would choose:

Mercedes - A lot of people thought she was robbed when Yoanna won (I was a Yoanna fan), and no one was angrier than Janice Dickinson about it, so I think she should have another go.

Kahlen - She definitely gave Naima a run for her money. Their final runway show was one of the fiercest.

Melrose - Yes, she had an older look, but she knew what she was doing. Now she's probably like 30, though, eh?

Brittany - This girl was a total brat, but I loved her look.  From her bad weave to her hissy fit after go-sees, Brittany was always whining about something.

Jenah - I don't know if she'd do it, but she was my favorite from Cycle 9. Oh no, I just realized that Tyra will not be able to resist bringing Heather back. Dangit.

Anya - This girl with her crazy accent and European-type beauty is the definition of high fashion.  Anya or Katarzyna should've won Cycle 10. Sorry, Whitney!

Katarzyna - One of the many girls Tyra didn't think had enough personality.  Still, Anya or Katarzyna should've won Cycle 10. Sorry, Whitney!

Analeigh - !!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said.

Sheena - We need an Asian winner one of these years, and I think either Sheena or Jennifer (below) could do it.

Jennifer - Although she was in the shorty cycle, she was very talented and had potential.

Angelea - She was hilarious and surprisingly good.

Alexandra - A plus size girl who took really good pictures.

Jane - !! Love her.

Ondrei - Sabreen reminded me of this one. She went home early this cycle due to a family tragedy, so she deserves another shot.  She's beautiful and showed a lot of potential.

Those are the girls I would like to see. My predictions of who Tyra will really bring back are Toccara (which I would be fine with), Jade (for the drama), Heather (overrated in my opinion), Naduah (Tyra has said she went home too early), Tahlia (has a good story but wasn't a great model, I don't think), and maybe Isis (transgender model).

Can't wait!


  1. Yuck for Sheena, Melrose and Mercedes!

    Yay for Analeigh, Anya, and Kat!

  2. I watch this too but must have missed some cycles as I don't remember all of them. I do like 'Jane' as well.
    Should be fun.


  3. Mrs. T - Haha, I don't know why I liked Sheena. She was just kind of fun and spunky in a hoochie kind of way. I agree about the yuck for Melrose, although she did make for good television.

    Daphne - Jane was sooo good and high fashion, but she was another one of those that Tyra didn't think had enough personality. Boo.

  4. I think out of everyone, Mercedes is my absolute favorite!! I agree that they would bring back Jade for drama (can you imagine her and Melrose in the same room??! LOL). I'm glad Tyra is bringing these girls back because these last few seasons have been extremely disappointing! I like watching the reruns on Oxygen and Bravo better!

  5. I haven't been very excited about the recent cycles either, but I do love this one. I think all the girls are pretty high fashion and talented, and the photo shoots are relevant and not cheesy. I liked a lot of the girls last cycle, too, but with Ann winning all the time, it did get a little old. There hasn't been much drama lately, so maybe that's why, too.

  6. Toccara was always my favorite. I stopped watching after CariDee won (I liked her, a lot). I caught a few episodes of the following couple seasons but when they were re-runs and stuffs. I used to be (in the very beginning) a super huge fan of the show (even though I'm totally not into fashion, just photography). :) I think I would watch the All Star cycle though!

  7. I hadn't heard this! I love ANTM. I even watch the marathon re-runs on the weekends. What a difference from the first few cycles to now. It was straight up amateur hour back them. Now it's so styled and polished. I'd be excited to see all your pics come back, but I totally see her bringing Jade back for the drama factor. I also want them to do a "where are they now".

  8. April - Yes, I like Toccara and Caridee a lot, too. I don't blame you for not watching after that. At the time, I wasn't all that excited about Jaslene or Saleisha winning the next two cycles. I like Jaslene more now, but I'm still not really a Saleisha fan.

    Pamela - A couple years ago, they had a Top Models in Action segment during a commercial break, which showed what past contestants were up to now, but they got rid of that for some reason. I miss those updates!

  9. I love Toccara, but I'm thinking she and others from earlier cycles, like Mercedes, will be too old? I hope not though, because I would love to see Mercedes back. I hope to goodness they don't bring Jade back though - she was batpoop crazy and I know it's good TV, but no thanks.

    I would love to see Joanie back (not that Danielle didn't deserve her win) and Anya whom I always loved. And maybe Analeigh from McKey's season. Oh, and rabitty Allison from cycle 12.

    Okay, so basically yes, I'd like to see a lot of people back and can't wait to see who they did have return!

  10. Joanie was definitely on my list, too, before I whittled it down to 14. That was one of those cycles where I didn't care who won. Joanie and Danielle were both awesome. Haha, Allison. She was amusing, too. And also a really great model, kind of surprisingly.

    (And I laughed at "batpoop crazy" when I first read it.