Monday, April 18, 2011

Two-Year Anniversary

Two years ago today, it was a beautiful and sunny 60-some degree day with only a small threat of rain. Today...not so much. 

Enjoying some apple pie shots while getting beautified at the salon

Our pretty, springy bouquets

We lucked out by getting married the week after Easter.  All the flowers were still there!

I can't get over how skinny I was then!

My handsome groom as I walked down the aisle.


My beautiful girls

The studly gentlemen

Hanging out with friends at the reception (this was after my false eyelashes came off since I was bawling during my dad's speech)

In addition to the traditional dances, we had a First Rock Band Song.

In addition to our Father-Daughter Dance, we had a Father-Daughter Rock Band Song.
The first three pictures (and the one with my friend at the reception) were taken with my camera, but the rest are the professional pictures, taken by the awesome Heather Cook Elliott.


  1. Haha a first Rock Band song---love it! What a gorgeous cake, dress, day! You looked absolutely beautiful. happy 2 year anniversary :)

  2. Oh gosh I forgot how Hunchback of Notre Dame I was in that photo! That was such a fun time! Yummy cake!

  3. :) Happy Two Year! I'll be writing a similar post very soon. ;)

  4. Thanks girls! It really was a perfect day. And I think Rock Band was a perfect add if I do say so myself, hehe.

    Mrs. T - Haha, you don't look like a hunchback. You're just leaning over a little.

    April - Yes, I'll be looking for your anniversary post on Monday!