Monday, April 4, 2011

Racing Sausage Sandwich

It's Opening Day today here in Brewer land, and a few people on my team are off enjoying a day of tailgating, beer drinking, and brat eating...oh, and I guess some baseball watching. I personally am not a baseball fan, but I like to catch about one game a year for the socializing and food-eating aspects.

For those of us stuck at work, the cafeteria provided us with a fun lunch option called Racing Sausage Sandwich. According to the description, it is comprised of slices of Polish, hot dog, bratwurst, Italian, and chorizo topped with cheese curds on a fresh bun.

If you are not from Wisconsin, you may be like, "Double-you Tee Eff is a racing sausage?" You can read all about them on the MLB site, but basically, it's five people dressed in sausage mascot uniforms, racing each other along one end of the baseball diamond. It's awesome--a sight to be seen.

Photo Source: MLB

At first I was going to skip this sandwich in favor of a healthier grilled chicken option.  A friend at work who is also doing WW looked it up and found that it's 20 points (I get 36 in a day).  However, I just couldn't not try it and tell people about it.  Plus, I figured it'd be a lot less awkward taking a picture of it if I actually bought it and took it to a table.  The sandwich, like the Racing Sausages, was definitely a sight to be seen.

I ended up only eating half of it and getting some fruit on the side to justify it.  The sausage part wasn't my favorite, but the hot dog was good, and the cheese curds on a sandwich idea was GENIUS!  The only thing they could've done to make it more Wisconsin is dip the thing in beer.  Hmm...

Go Brewers!

Photo Source: NFLJerseys-Online


  1. Oh yes, they could have beer battered it and deep fried it!

    I am so glad I didn't have to work today. I usually take Canal into and home from work and it's a madhouse during game day. Opening Day is a NIGHTMARE!

  2. Now that would've been delicious!

    I'm pretty sure the other editor on my team took the day off just so that she wouldn't have to drive home to Oconomowoc after work, and I kinda don't blame her! With baseball season PLUS construction, 94 is the worst. Even my route up 43 was busier than usual with all the people going home from the game.

  3. ok, i'm a vegetarian, but this sounds good. mainly because it's covered in cheese curds. can't. go. wrong.

  4. Yeah really. I think the sandwich would've been just as good, if not better, if it was the toasted bun with the cheese curds. Maybe some deep fried veggies thrown in there, too.