Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Post Is Brought to You by the Letter M

Thank goodness for Sesame Street.  Hubs wasn't feeling well this morning, so he slept in, and I took Bridget to daycare.  Unfortunately, I didn't wake up any earlier than usual, so I was rushing around the house trying to get things ready for the day and made it out the door over a half hour later than usual.  Oh well!  Luckily, once I fed Bridget, she was perfectly content to watch Sesame Street while I made bottles and finished getting myself ready.

This week is Child Appreciation Week at daycare, and the theme is Out of This World.  Today, we were encouraged to dress our children in wacky clothes.  In keeping with the "out of this world" idea, I added these pants, which kind of look constellation-ish, to her rock n roll tutu ensemble.

Since today was Everybody, Everywear Maxi day in the style blogging world, it was pretty easy picking out my clothes this morning.  However, safety pinning my maxi dress to resemble a midi skirt for work proved a little more challenging.  My first couple attempts left one side slightly longer than the other, but I finally got it together.

Maxi Dress (worn as a skirt): Wet Seal; Top: Old Navy; Trench Coat: New York & Company; Shoes and Sunglasses: Payless; Belt: Kohl's (off of another shirt); Necklace: gift 

I also tried out Sydney's bun tutorial.  I often wondered how people got such cute, full buns, and it's pretty much just a matter of back-combing like crazy.  I like the height of my bun, but I think next time, I'd try to make it a little wider.  And tame the flyaways.  And bobby pin the back more.

After work, I did a quick change in the car, spotted a bright sunny spot on the top level of the parking garage, and took a couple pictures before heading off to pick up Bridget and run errands.

Scarf: Boston Store; Shoes: Kohl's


  1. First of all, your little monkey is soooo adorable!!! That tutu!! I'm dieing of happiness (I've been a dancer forever, and tutus are my uttermost weakness).

    LOVE what you did with your maxi dress, the blue color is fabulous, and what a great way to remix it to get more wear out of it :) Lookin fabulous!


  2. Ahhhh that baby dress is BANANAS!!! :D


    P.S: I´m giving away a $100 beauty gift card for YSL, Chanel... etc products. Wanna join in on the fun? ;D

  3. found you through bloggy moms, now following. cute outfit! :)

  4. Tasia and Gabby--Thanks! Babies are so much easier and more fun to dress sometimes. They look cute in everything!

    Nikki--Thanks for visiting! Off to check out your blog now.

  5. Greeeeat post! I may be crazy, but I am totally jealous of Bridget's outfit!!
    and I love your maxi!

  6. I know, right? I really wish adults could get away with wearing tutus as daily, casual attire.

  7. cute outfit! & thanks for the tip about the tripod. i can so do $15!! :) <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  8. LOVE Bridget's outfit. So cute! I'm going to be smiling all day now.

  9. I just want to say that the only reason I want a baby girl is to dress her in those wacky insanely cute tutu's. That is all. :)

  10. Sneaky, sneaky....using your maxi for the post and then pinning it for work.
    I kid, I kid. You look great both ways, and I can appreciate that you aren't always about to wear things like maxis at work.
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

  11. Hi! I would like to use a picture from this post on another blog, but I don't see a way to email you. Please email me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com so I can tell you more!