Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today's Caffeine Coquette Post

Check out my latest post for The Caffeine Coquette:

By the way, those are not my feet. I don't have cute toes like that--mine are really long.

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  1. Hi Rebekah,
    Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Brianna. I found you via The Caffeine Coquette. I'm also a writer there. I post a monthly running article.

    I have a daughter who just turned three. I'm constantly considering when and if I will give her a brother or sister.

    My blog is mainly writing centered, but my daughter makes an appearance occasionally. I do a weekly running post and write about blogging too. I try to be a stylish mom and enjoy the blog - However because I have enough trouble narrowing the focus of my blog, I don't blog about style. But I enjoy blogs on style.
    I look forward to reading more.