Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain and Wind

It started off as just a light drizzle...

Top: Forever 21; Cardigan: Charlotte Russe; Cords: Gap; Shoes: Payless; Bracelet: Refashioned Old Navy

Then the rain picked up...

And the wind caught me off guard...

Yup, time to wrap it up...

By the way, it was cropped pants day for Wear*It Wednesday, so I took these regular length (meaning too short for me) skinny cords and cuffed 'em.  Maybe I should've gone a little shorter, but I ended up being beltless by the end of the day, so that didn't help matters.  Anyway, check out how everyone else styled their cropped pants today/yesterday.


  1. I really like this outfit! It immediately made me think of the beatnik scene in Funny Face:

  2. You and those cropped pants and that umbrella are just so cute!!! Makes me want to go twirl in the rain! Happy Wednesday! Thanks for linking it up! xoxo

  3. Cute outfit! You're brave, I think I spend the entire day figuring out how to avoid going out in the rain, haha!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    C. - You know, I feel like less of a fashionista because I've never seen any Audrey Hepburn movies. I think I definitely need to watch some. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the Funny Face link you posted.

    Sarah - I was just happy it was actually warmish that day!

  5. So cute with the umbrella - I love the color of your shirt too! :)