Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's Get Physical

Memorial Day weekend 2010 - hiking while on a camping trip in the U.P.

  1. Do you keep some kind of fitness routine? Why? I should, but I do not.  Why?  Because I'm lazy and busy.  So when I'm not busy, I want to be lazy.
  2. Has working out, maybe training for a marathon or something of that nature, helped with your own perception of body image?  Sure.  When I used to go to the gym, take a Zumba class, or play volleyball or tennis, I always felt better about myself afterward.
  3. When you are hitting the gym or just going out for a long walk what do you wear? Is it about functionality or fashion? Functionality mostly.  When I go for walks, I'm usually in a T-shirt and hoodie and some pants.  Since my walks are not high-intensity or anything, I just wear sneakers instead of like, hardcore cross trainers or whatever.  Sometimes I'll spice it up with a hat or a scarf it's chilly out.  When I used to go to the Y, it was functionality all the way.  Shorts or capris and a baggy T-shirt.
  4. Do you feel there is a cultural perception of what you ‘should’ be doing for your own physical fitness?  I don't know.  Not really.  I live in Wisconsin, so I guess I "should" be eating cheese and brats and drinking beer.  
  5. Dream big...what would be your ultimate fitness goal. It's been my goal since high school to achieve my goal weight of 150 lb. I guess the number is kind of arbitrary if I've had it in mind for this long and haven't gotten within 10 lb. of it. But, you said to dream big, so there ya go.

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  1. Great (and honest) post on fitness! I love it when FBFF introduces me to fabulous blogs :)


  2. We did title our FBFF posts the same today! I liked reading yours though - I'm glad someone one else just likes to be lazy!!

  3. Exactly... when I'm not busy I'd rather be relaxing so I struggled with motivation :/

  4. Good to know there are more lazy bones out there! Hehe.

  5. You know, if you find a way to exercise that you really enjoy, you will WANT to get up and go do it! You CAN achieve your goals!! :) I promise! Just eat clean and find something that you LIKE to do for a workout! I welcome emails, tweets, etc if you would like help with this. :)