Monday, April 11, 2011

Bound and Determined

That's how I would describe my outfit picking process for today.  Bound and determined.  I was going to give up on this one about ten times, but it finally worked out OK.  Here was the Inspiration Monday photo for today:

And here's how my thought process went:

OK, well, I have a gray belt and over-the-knee boots like that, so those are givens.
I have nothing plaid or gingham except the one plaid shirt I wore on Friday.  
But no skirt I own matches that one plaid, I just wore it Friday.
I do own one tie shirt, and it's patterned, and it'll work, but it's in my Goodwill bag.
I could go with the pattern mixing idea and wear a black patterned top and a black floral skirt.
No, that looks dumb together.
OK, let's work with the pink patterned tie shirt.
I don't have any pink skirts, though.
I do have this pink sweater dress, but it's got 3/4 sleeves and a cowl neck.
I'll try putting the shirt on top of it.
Now, I'll try bunching the shirt up under the belt.
Hey, it kinda works, as far as matching the photo goes.

So here's my interpretation with Dela joining in again.

Dress: Boston Store; Shirt: Old Navy; Belt: Luci Boutique; Boots: Mr. Shoe
This dress has a tendency to creep up during the day, and I'm constantly tugging at it, so I wasn't too comfortable with the bare legs look today.  Plus, it's supposed to be yet another windy Monday.  I ended up adding gray American Apparel leggings.

I like it better without the leggings, but whattayagonnado? 

Once I got to work, I got pretty warm with my excess of layers, so I rolled up the sleeves and threw my hair in a ponytail.  Which come to think of it, would look more like the inspriation picture. 

And I just realized that I mentioned on Friday how I didn't have any bright pink.  I guess I did have one item--the dress--but it's much better suited for cooler weather.  I don't count the shirt because I'm pretty sure it will go back in the Goodwill bag by the end of the day.  The ties have always driven my crazy, and I actually ironed them while wearing the shirt this morning.  Awkward.

Anyway, be sure to check out how everyone else styled the look.  I'm impressed with the few I've seen so far!



  1. you should keep the shirt! it looks great on you. very ingenious with your choices...i love this look on you!

  2. Great job, and I enjoyed reading your process of elimination. This was a tough one for me as well. I'm looking to all of you (the participants) for some ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Great take on her outfit, I cant totally understand your train of thought as mine was similarly erratic! But I came up with something in the end! This weeks was so hard, but I am really enjoying the challenge

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  4. So, I see a lot of people struggled with this outfit. So funny cause it took me a second to decide what to wear I guess cause I had a very similar top and blouse but mine is cheating as they are the same pattern.
    I really like your pink and burgandy combination and adding grey instead of brown and black looks very cool. I like the version without tights/leggings as well.
    Nice job. And great to meet another mom! :)

  5. This week was definitely a tough one! It's been interesting to see how everyone adapted the look to work for them.

    Jessica Marie

  6. Thanks, girls! It looks like next week's is a lot easier, so that's good! Although it was fun trying to challenge myself and figure out a way to make this one work. I'm always excited to see what the girls are going to pick out next.

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