Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Copying Ms. Hathaway

When I saw this photo of Anne Hathaway at the Rio premiere, I knew I wanted to recreate it at some point.  I really liked the laid-back messy ponytail with the big glasses.  For a kids' movie premiere, I think the more casual beauty look worked with her short, fun Gucci dress.

Here's my interpretation:

Dress ($7.50!!), Long-Sleeve Shirt, and Boots: Target; Belt: Forever 21; Tights: We Love Colors; Glasses:

It probably has not escaped your attention that there is snow on the ground.  Hence the tights and boots.  In fact, I'm actually also wearing Christmas socks.  I figure I might as well have a sense of humor about this frustrating weather we're having.  Plus, they were my only clean socks.

These glasses were previously sunglasses as you may have known or guessed or figured out if you clicked on the link.  When I ordered these from, I somehow was sent two of them in two different shipments.    At the time, I figured I'd keep one for when I inevitably broke the other ones.  But, I ended up deciding to break these myself.  Glad I did, too, 'cause they're kind of neat and trendy looking now, eh?  I switched to my regular glasses before I got to work, though, because these have no lenses, so I would've looked like a crazy person.

I think Bridget had a really cute outfit today, too:

Her shirt was also a Target clearance item, like my dress.  And since I had such a crazy day at work yesterday, I treated myself to a quick shopping trip to H&M, where I found this adorable hat and a matching summer dress.  I didn't get in trouble for shopping either because the hubs had bought himself some sort of audio gadget on earlier in the week.  Score.

On the docket for tonight is an anniversary date with the hubs.  We're gonna do a wine tasting (which is what we did on our first date but at a different place) and then grab a bite to eat while my mom babysits.  Then, it's back home to watch some American Idol with Mom if she chooses to stick around instead of heading home early.

OK, off to continue another crazy busy day of work.


  1. Ugh totally snowing here too. It's going to be 50 degrees today so it'll be melted super fast thankfully!

  2. I like this idea of creating your own look from an inspirational photo. Great job. Love the glasses. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes..drop in sometime. Dawnxo

  3. Wow, you got way more snow than we did! Ours melted right away. Good thing, too, because my daffodils were starting to look a little sad :(

    Love Bridget's hat!

  4. Adorable! You did such a good job with it - I think your look is way more wearable than Anne's while keeping the whimsical feel :) Lovely blog - just followed you!

  5. I love this recreation, but am sooo sorry you still have snow on the ground. That is ridiculous.

    Hope you guys have a great anniversary!

  6. You look great and you made it work not only for the cold but also for day time.
    Your daughter is adorable.
    Congrats on your anniversary!
    Great to have grandparents to babysit!

  7. Who is cuter you or your daughter? I really can't decide ;)
    I'm happy to see that you buy some of your clothes at Target! I love Target! You can find awesome stuff on clearance!
    I hope you had a great anniversary!

  8. You both look lovely!

    Your interpretation of a runway look is really inspiring- I wouldn't have thought of making it day-time appropriate, but you totally pulled it off.

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    This is a great interpretation of Anne's look. I noticed that photo too when it was first making the rounds, mostly because of the glasses. I wear glasses all the time (by necessity), so I'm always on the lookout for a new eyewear trend. When I saw the ones Anne was wearing in that picture I have to admit I was a little scared, unsure I could pull off something so bold. You've inspired me to at least give it a try when I go for new frames next week -- they look really great on you, lenses or no!

  10. Thanks everyone! I bought this dress at Target the day before, and then I realized it was kinda the same silhouette as Anne's dress, so it worked out pretty well.

    The snow really was a bummer. Luckily, with the rain the last couple days and the slightly warmer days this weekend, it should all be gone now.

    Allyson - I hear ya. I'm not sure I could wear this bold of eyewear all the time. I just got real glasses for the first time, and those are a lot less showy. But these are fun and trendy!