Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crunch Crunch Crunch

Random picture of my mug I use at work.  How true.


  • Eating Corn Nuts at work.  They're so loud!
  • Standing on the street outside the parking structure, taking 30 seconds to open my umbrella with one hand plus two fingers (I was holding a Starbucks cup), only to realize that it's not really raining.  Upon closing the umbrella and putting it in my purse, I turned the corner, and it started raining more.  Instead of opening it for a block and a half walk, I just walked faster.
  • Sounds my stomach is making right now. 
  • When my glasses slide down the bridge of my nose slightly, and I have to tilt my head up to look at someone (you can see evidence of me doing this a lot on the vlog).
  • I just found a Corn Nut in my shirt down by my stomach.  Uh...that's not how digestion works. 
  • Trying to say something optimistic but realizing right away that it was more insensitive.
  • Not remembering where I parked my car. 

  •  Encouragement from hubby to get a sewing machine.  I see matching mother-daughter dresses in my future!  Hahaha, awkward.
  • Someone at work reading my fun mug that I got for Christmas a couple years ago (pictured above).  It doesn't really qualify as awesome, but I like my mug and didn't know what else to have a picture of on this post.  It was either the mug of the bag of Corn Nuts.
  • Hopefully this DIY project I'm gonna attempt.
  • Scrapbooking day with friends Saturday.

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