Friday, October 5, 2012

America's Next Top Model: College Edition Episode 6 Recap

I'm so late on this recap that I'm just going to leave you with the notes I took while watching the show.


- Yvonne called home. Never a good sign.
- Why is Victoria always exercising? Is that what it takes to be skinny? If so, not interested.
- Chrissy Teigan
- Challenge: do a sequence in a video game where they grab the camera and jump over a couple obsatcles including a high jump.
- Laura did well.
- They liked Kristin
- Yvonne was eh.
- Victoria was awkward.
- Brittany did well.
- Laura won.
- Brittany's talking a lot this episode.
- Victoria called home. Girlfriend needs to get out more.
- P'trique is back with Tyra Mail.
- Steam punk photo shoot
- Victorian style with 19th Century mechanics
- Brittany, stop saying Disney; it's freaking me out. Not even my Disney fanatic BFFs like Disney that much.
- Yvonne is bitching about life and got snippy with Bryan Boy but later apologized.
- Kristin was scared of the owl.
- Kiara did eh, and Kelly finally said what I said in Week 1 - Kiara looks old. Rob and Tyra liked it.
- Victoria did eh; Tyra didn't like it; Kelly kind of did.
- Kristin's face was strong, boring pose.
- Nastasia - Kelly hated it; Tyra loved it, but they all agree she looks short; Rob hated it.
- Yvonne sucked.
- Allyssa was OK.
- Brittany - Kelly hated it, Rob loved it, Tyra loved it. For the love of god, Tyra brought up Disney.
- I wonder if they have to pay Disney royalties or something every time they bring it up. They should.
- Laura awesome of course, three 10s.

Callout order:

1. Laura
2. Brittany
3. Allyssa
4. Kristin
5. Kiara
6. Nastasia
7. Victoria

Eliminated for now: Yvonne

Previews: Road trip?? Wind turbine. Victoria is spazzing out on the phone again. Someone said, "I never see you eat."

Eliminated next week (today): Victoria
For the win: Leila, oh she'll be back. Or maybe Laura.

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