Friday, October 26, 2012

Harry Potter Link-Up

This was so exciting to find. Thanks to Kim for introducing me to it and to Ashley for hosting it! I ended up doing the same thing Kim did and went back and answered the questions I missed, too. It's a Harry Potter Link-Up!

Week 1

1. Which is your favorite of the 7 books? Although Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix are my favorite movies, I'm going to go with Deathly Hallows for my favorite book. My only reason for saying that really is it's the only book of the series that I've read twice. Maybe if I read them again, I'd have a different opinion.

2. Which is your favorite of the 8 films? Oops, I answered that already. Either Prisoner of Azkaban or Order of the Phoenix. Or actually all the odd-numbered ones are great.

One of the only good parts of my least favorite film, Half Blood Prince.

3. Which, if any, of the films made you angry for not staying true to the books? The last one probably because that's the book I remembered best when I actually saw the movie. I thought it was a crock that Neville didn't get the attention he deserved for killing the snake in the end. Oh, and the fact that they sent all the Slytherin students to the dungeon? CHEESY.

4. Who is your least favorite female character and why? I guess I have to say Dolores Umbridge. She's just all evil and has no redeeming qualities.

5. Who is your favorite male character and why? Malfoy. Obviously. I'm a Snape fan as well. It's not that I like "evil" people, but I like Tom Felton and Alan Rickman, and I think their characters are more misunderstood than anything else. Well, Snape is misunderstood; Malfoy is really just a wimp most of the time.

6. What house would you like to be in? Now be realistic...where would the Sorting Hat put you? Touchy subject. The sorting hat in Pottermore put me in Hufflepuff, which I get, but I would've preferred Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Even Gryffindor would've been OK. Sorry Cedric, I <3 you, but yeah. That's part of the reason I haven't logged back in Pottermore since then. I haven't come to terms with my placement, haha.

7. Which subject would be your favorite at Hogwarts? Hmmm, tough one. I know I wouldn't be good at Herbology or History of Magic. Let's go with the Care of Magical Creatures. That would be a fun class. Charms could be cool, too, and Flitwick seems like a nice teacher.

Week 2

1. Who is your favorite female character and why? Luna! I adore her. Why? She's just so good and positive even when people make fun of her. She's great.

2. Who is your least favorite male character and why? I'll keep Kim's answer of Peter Pettigrew because like Umbridge, he has absolutely no redeeming qualities.

3. Pick one: Horcruxes or Hallows? Hallows.

4. Which character do you relate to most? Moaning Myrtle? Haha, just kidding. I don't know. It's a cop-out answer, but that's what I'm going with.

5. Your favorite pairing of characters? The Weasley twins maybe? They're funny guys. If you mean romantically, Luna and Neville (I think they were a thing in the movies but not the books, right?), Hagrid and the lady from the French school (too lazy to look it up), and Fleur and Bill Weasley. I don't know why.


6. Your favorite professor? Lupin seemed like he would've been a cool professor for the short time he was. Overall, McGonagall of course.

 7. Bring one character back to life. Who and why? I kind of want to steal Kim's answers again. Fred and Hedwig. And Dobby! Oh my gosh, so sad every time. And I know Sirius dying was a big thing, but I do wish he and Harry could just be a happy family, too. I forgot about Cedric! I guess I didn't want anyone to die.

Week 3

1. Do you prefer the books or the films? Both, but I've watched the films WAAAAYYYY more than I have read the books, so ultimately, I'm going to go with the movies.

 2. If you could meet one member of the cast who would it be and why? I've already met the cast member I wanted to meet. Tom Felton!!! That was such a fun experience. If I had to pick another one, probably Alan Rickman. Or Rupert Grint...or Emma Watson. I guess Daniel Radcliffe would be cool of course, too.

My face looks giddier every time I see this picture.

3. If you could punish one of the characters and not get in trouble, who would it be and why? Ya know what, I'm not too happy with James, Remus, and Sirius for being mean to Snape as a kid. Although all that bullying had to happen for the rest of the stories to happen, I would just give them all one swift kick in the junk, and then they could carry on.

 4. What parts of the films and books made you cry if any? All the sad or touching parts from the movies. I cry at just about anything.

 5. Scene from a book you wished was in the movie? This is an excellent question, but I really can't remember. I guess I'll go with my answer from Week One of Neville killing the snake in public.

6. Were you satisfied with the epilogue? In the movie? I don't remember the book one. Was it the same? Anyway, sure, but I was not satisfied with Hermione's makeup job. All of them looked like they were 40 (OK, Ginny could've passed for 50), but Hermione still looked 17.

7. If you could do ONE spell, without a wand..what would it be? The one where you can teleport. Oh it's the same one Kim put - apparition.

Week 4

1. If you could ask Harry one question, what would it be? Why was he so dang moody all the time, and why couldn't he just accept help from his friends?

2. Who is your favorite marauder? : Lupin or Sirius. I'm not a James fan.

3. Least favorite house? Hufflepuff. Again, sorry Cedric!

4. Do you think it was important for Dobby to die? What about his funeral in the film? Did you love it or hate it? It was probably important for Dobby to die, but I didn't want it to happen. I noticed that the funeral was different at the time, but now I don't know exactly how.

5. Would you have chosen a rat, a cat, or an owl as your companion? A cat.

6. If you could have one of the Hallows, what would you choose? The invisibility cloak for sure. The resurrection stone is no good as the people don't really resurrect. And the elder wand is probably only useful in the right hands. The invisibility cloak is foolproof.

7. Time turner or pensieve? Why? I gotta say Time Turner. It seems like it takes a lot of planning, but it would be tempting to be able to redo things.


  1. Haha, I LOVED the pincers part of Half Blood Prince! Great answers overall - I'm really looking forward to next week :)

  2. Harry Potter is cool, but when I saw a new post from you in my google reader this morning, I was hoping it was about Leila coming back! :)

    1. Done and done! I actually didn't watch the episode until this morning, and I've been slacking on the recaps, but yeah. I was pretty psyched about the outcome!!

  3. Hey! I joined in! thank you for sharing!