Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Painful Footwear

These Chelsea Crew shoes, which I bought from Ma Jolie at Bayshore Mall for the locals, were the second-to-last purchase before my shopping ban went into place. My last purchase (with a coupon!) were these Vince Camuto shoes. In the one post I've worn them so far, I said they were at least 4 inches high. They're actually 3-3/4 inches. I'm such a wimp when it comes to heel height.

As cute as these yellow T-strap shoes are, they're extremely uncomfortable. It could be because I have some blisters on my toes already, but they're also pretty tight right now. They seemed to get a little better throughout the day, but I ended up switching to flats mid-afternoon anyway. Ma Jolie, where I bought the shoes, offers a stretching service, which I may have to take advantage of if things don't improve.

Good thing I'm so into the ankle sock look right now because if I wasn't wearing socks today, I'm not sure I would have toes anymore. I think I may have gotten it right this time after the suggestion that I needed more contrast between the shoe and the sock color. Although being matchy matchy can be kind of cheesy, I can't help it when I wear yellow. It's a thing.

Black Top: gift; Skirt: Worthington; Shoes: Chelsea Crew; Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sorry about the lack of a smile. I was in a mood this morning.


  1. The shoes may be painful but the whole look is so phenomenal-beauty is pain :) That skirt is so fun and flouncy and I love the ankle socks on you! We have a Bayshore Mall where I live, I had to quickly look at your profile for location to ensure we didn't live in the same city :)

  2. I really dig the socks with the t strap shoes! I need to go on a shopping ban honestly... Give me some tips for how you stay on track!


    1. Mostly I try to keep busy doing and thinking about other things. One of my weaknesses was looking at sale emails, so I just delete those right away. And I try to stay out of the clothing section when I'm in Target.

  3. Ug, sorry those shoes hurt! That wipes the smile of my face any day!

  4. i am sad those shoes are uncomfortable, because i love them! especially with the socks!