Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inspired by Blake

I've been a fan of Blake Lively for awhile. When I used to write for back in the day, I even wrote a post dedicated to her style. Here's an exerpt:

Blake Lively, star of the hit CW show, Gossip Girl, is as stylish and trendsetting as her fictional counterpart, Serena Van Der Woodsen. Although all women can’t be tall, blonde, and leggy like Blake, they can still adapt many of her fashion forward looks into their own wardrobes. Blake knows how to go from casually cute to glamorously gorgeous, many times without the help of a professional stylist.

And before I was a fan of Blake, I was a fan of her big brother, Eric. Rawr. Anyone remember him from So Weird? Or Mandy Moore's "Walk Me Home" music video?


Anyway, besides seeing Blake in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, the first time I noticed her style, and what first made me a huge Marchesa fan, was when she wore this stunning, but yes figure-skater-esque, dress to the Where the Wild Things Are premiere:

I can't help it. I'm a sucker for a good feathery bird dress.

Proof. Yup, I'm a dork, but I have fun. Although this was not the
wedding dress I ended up choosing, I actually did like it
and definitely had fun wearing it in David's Bridal and freaking
my mom out when she thought I was going to choose a "chicken dress."

Anyway, like I said in my Examiner article back in 2010, what I really admire about Blake is how she can do the glamorous red carpet looks just as well as she can do the simple, laid-back looks. Like this outfit of a white blouse with black tuxedo pants (or maybe they're track pants?), which inspired my rendition with cropped, plum-colored tuxedo pants below.


Top: Christian Dior; Pants: NY&Co; Shoes: Target; Necklace: ?

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