Monday, October 29, 2012

Jeans Week - Monday

Since we're allowed to wear jeans this week at work, I figured I'd do a series on the blog to go with it. While many people in the company are on the more formal side of business casual or may even need to wear suits for their job, my team is definitely on the more casual side. We're not customer-facing, so we don't need to be super dressed up, but we still need to adhere to the dress code and look presentable. Items that are against this dress code include sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings (although I have worn leggings under dresses and boots as tights before), T-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, ripped clothing, and flip flops. Pretty standard.

Mondays are typically a slow day for me, morning-wise. I take forever to get up and get going, and I usually end up leaving the house late. Because my brain is still in weekend mode, I wanted to start the week off easy and comfortable with just a sweater with my jeans. I added the necklace for some visual interest and called it a day.

Jeans and Tank Top: Old Navy; Sweater: Kohl's; Necklace: World Market

Look at me, so profesh with the tripod shadow showing. Lame. Eventually, I did figure out to move the thing.

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