Monday, October 8, 2012

America's Next Top Model: College Edition Episode 7 Recap


Within the first few minutes of the episode, it was pretty obvious that Allyssa would be eliminated in the end. In past episodes, she was practically invisible; but Friday, she was talking nonstop about how she had to win.

As the preview showed, we also got to see more of Victoria's antics throughout the whole episode. She explained in the confessional how she can't taste food while she's there and that she's just not hungry. Many of the other girls sounded off about it, too.

But then who should show up but good ole Bryanboy with the new challenge assignment. I still don't know why he rubs me the wrong way, but he does. Bryanboy was joined by Marissa Montgomery from Nylon TV. The models were going on a ROAD TRIP in two RVs, and they were challenged to take pictures of themselves doing random acts of modeling and also do video segments for Nylon TV.

As the challenge progressed, we got a better idea of what "random acts of modeling" were and were not. Posing next to a statue - not a random act of modeling. Pretending to hail a cab while looking fierce - random act of modeling. Basically, they had to do a random act while modeling, but some of the girls struggled with the concept.

Speaking of struggling, Victoria and Kiara made quite the dysfunctional team (Nastasia was the third member of their team). Although Kiara said she felt like she needed to be a mother to Victoria, it came across more as nagging most of the time. It only made matters worse when Victoria mistakenly didn't record one of Kiara's video segments and they had to pull over again.

With all the dysfunction in that RV, it was no surprise that a member of the other team won the challenge, and it was even less of a surprise that the winner was the seemingly unstoppable Laura. When they arrived at their hotel in Palm Springs, Johnny showed up and told them that there would be no need for showers. The photo shoot happening immediately would work with their dirtiness.


When I saw the setting for this photo shoot, I was reminded of a couple notable past ANTM shoots that happened on the toilet. I don't know what it is with toilet shots, but Michelle from Cycle 7 and Marjorie from Cycle 11 worked it.

Again, we saw Victoria's method modeling when she created a backstory of a Baptist girl who had lost her virginity and needed to take a pregnancy test. The look on Johnny's face was priceless. His jaw dropped, his head snapped in the photographer's direction, and he was like...what? But it worked well for Victoria, so who are we to judge.

Kristin had to chug a gallon of milk, and this time I actually don't blame her for complaining. I probably would've complained about it, too. She ended up doing pretty well in spite of it. Kiara's setting in the dumpster hit home and reminded her of her past life being homeless. I felt bad for her, but she took it in stride. Allyssa had to lie on the floor with the cockroaches while soda sloshed out of a two-liter bottle. While most of the other girls did pretty well, Allyssa couldn't find an angle that worked, and she ended up just licking the disgusting floor in most of her shots.

Back at the house, after a frenzied phone call Victoria placed to her mom, the girls confronted her about her erratic behavior and lack of eating. It actually seemed like they were coming from a concerned place; and although Victoria denied it, it didn't turn into a big explosion of drama.

In panel, the judges gave most of the girls fairly high scores. I didn't notice any crazy outlier scores this time except that Bryanboy did say he hated Kiara's picture although the judges scored her well. The two weakest were Laura and Allyssa. When Victoria's picture came up, Bryanboy mentioned her lack of confidence. Tyra noticed some of the girls in the back shaking their heads and asked them about it. The girls told her about how they never see Victoria eat, and Tyra gently told Victoria that she'd be keeping an eye on her. Hopefully that'll help Victoria chill, but we'll see about that next week.

Callout order:

1. Nastasia (Hooray, she didn't look short this week!)
2. Brittany
3. Kristin
4. Victoria
5. Kiara
6. Laura

Eliminated for now: Allyssa, to Tyra's dismay. She actually started crying when saying her closing words to Allyssa.

Previews:  Go seeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!! They also showed Victoria arguing with Kristin, which means one of them must be gone next week. For the photo shoot, they're visiting a prison and doing fierce mug shots.

Eliminated next week: Kristin
For the win: Leila

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