Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Family Fun

We had a very fall-themed weekend over here. Saturday, my friend invited Bridget and me to join her and her daughter at Harvest Fair, which was held at State Fair Park. It seemed that the activities there catered more to kids over two years old, but we still had some fun walking around, eating caramel apples and cookies, and decorating a pumpkin. Bridget also rode the carousel (with me next to her of course), but she was a little apprehensive the whole time. I did discover that Bridget likes candy corn, though. That's the only thing she chose to eat...which resulted in a hyper little girl on the way home.

Scribbling on a pumpkin

Little A helped out, too.

Then Sunday, hubs, Bridget, and I went to a pumpkin farm near my parents' house and hung out with them. The pumpkin farm was the perfect atmosphere for Bridget since she was more free to run around and explore.

Mount Rushmore at a pumpkin farm. Sure, why not.

She was a little nervous about the goats.

But she was all about the fake, bouncy horses.

That's all for the weekend. Sad face. Here's what I wore today:

Inspiration Monday photo:

My interpretation:

Shirt and Watch: NY&Co; Skirt: ASOS; Tights: We Love Colors; Scarf: gift; Booties: Mr. Shoe

Clearly, Dela is the real star of these photos.


  1. i love that skirt on you! and i love it with the magenta tights...perfect fall outfit! and yes, dela is one gorgeous dog blogger (dlogger?)!

  2. Who is Little A? Did Jenny have a baby??

    1. I'll have to catch you up on all the goings on around here! Yup, Jenny had a baby. She's about 6 months old now.

    2. I remember seeing a pic of Jenny on a trampoline or something and thinking she looked pregnant and you said no. Maybe she hadn't announced it yet or something.

    3. Ah yes, that's this post. That was about 7 weeks after she had given birth. I'm holding her daughter in the picture with the baby in that post.

  3. Isn't Fall the best? We just did a similar Fall-y field trip yesterday. Love your outfit, too!

  4. haha dog photobombing! Looks like a lot of family fun :) I miss carving pumpkins... need to add some to my apartment for the fall :)