Thursday, March 10, 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Episode 3 Recap - Makeovers!

Today's vlog was definitely a labor of love.  Mostly a love of makeovers.  Since Sabreen and I weren't able to get together, I found a program (VodBurner) that would allow us to record ourselves Skyping.  I downloaded a 14 day trial, and we were off.

After 15 minutes of yapping about the show, I got an error message and had to hang up the call and try again.  The video saved, processed, and loaded itself into the post-production editing tool.  Neat!  When I played back the video, Sabreen's side was echoing.  Had I been smart, I would've gone straight to the website for help.  But I like troubleshooting things myself, so I adjusted my microphone and speaker volume down, and we started over.  This only succeeded in making my voice a lot quieter while Sabreen's stayed the same...and still echo-y. 

Finally, I turned to the site and found advice on how to try to fix it in post-production.  But no promises that it would actually work.  It seemed to work while I was editing in the console; but once I generated the video, the echo came back although not as bad as it originally was.

Sigh.  The advice on the website says to move the speakers so that they're not near the microphone or use headphones.  Now I know.  Anyway, onto the recap if you can make it through the whole thing!

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