Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Over the Shoulder

Skirt and Shirt: New York & Company; Vest: Don't remember; Shoes: Target; Belt: Kohl's (from another shirt)

You only get to see the back side of my outfit today because I liked it better than the front. Plus, over the shoulder shots are fun-ish. So as you can see, my legs are bare today! Sorry for blinding you, people of Milwaukee and blog readers. I'm not sure if 50° really justifies bare legs. Eh, what am I saying? In Wisconsin, people start wearing shorts when it hits 40°.

Anyway, I wanted to wear this skirt today, so the whole outfit came together from it. After much thought and trying on two or three other shirts, I picked this button-up (or button-down, depending on who you ask) to wear on top. I thought it looked too plain, though, so I put on this gray drapey vest. That was too casual, though, so I tried belting it and finally found a look I could live with. I like the fitted vest look, and the crocheted part in the back makes it more fun. To think, when vests first came on the trendy scene years ago, they were one of those things I said I would never wear. Like leggings. And probably half a dozen other things I now wear all the time.

I'm off to change out of the biz-casz wear and take a walk with kiddo and pooch now. Stay tuned for the ANTM vlog later tonight! I got some technical help from Vodburner (who has great customer service, by the way), so hopefully everything will come together nicely.


  1. Cute :) The vest tank top thing looks like something I've seen at Forever 21

  2. Rebekah you are so funny! I think this outfit is fantastic. I love A-line skirts and love how you've styled yours.

  3. I love the overall gray tone of this outfit. I love neutral outfits because they are so classic and you add great detail with the vest. You look fantastic!

    - Meanz (Koi Story)