Thursday, March 24, 2011


These two members of the family slept through the night last night:
From Valentine's Day (first day she laughed!)
 These two did not...:

This one didn't either, but I'm not mad at her about it:
Here's how my night went:

9:00 PM - Went to bed.  Stayed up until 9:30 reading blogs on my phone.
12:30 AM - Dela woke me up whining next to my side of the bed.  I figured it was a Lassie-type-thing, and I heard Bridget grunting a little, so I got up, let the dog out, and made a couple bottles.  Bridget was quiet by the time I was done, so I let Dela back in and went back to sleep.
2:00 AM - Dela woke me up once again, whining.  This time, I figured I should check on Bridget.  I did so, and she was tossing around a little bit but was still asleep.  I filled up Dela's water dish, and went back to bed.
3:00 AM - Dela whining again??  I told her to go away and fell back asleep.
5:00 AM - WTF.  The dog again.  I let her out, grabbed a bottle, and headed to Bridget's room.  She was still asleep, so I sat in there until 5:30 when she woke up. 

Since she went to bed at 7:30, Bridget got 10 straight hours of sleep!  Woohoo!  I have no idea what my dog's deal was.  At first, I thought maybe there were bunnies outside that she wanted to chase, but that didn't seem to be the case.  This was Bridget's second time sleeping through the night, so it's probably going to go back to normal tomorrow.  Which is fine, as long as Dela's schedule goes back to normal, too.  I blame the weather.


  1. Been there :( It's pretty frustrating when you yell at a dog to tell you what it wants, even though you know it can't respond. I hope tonight is better for you!

  2. Is Dela your Aussie? Our Aussie, Sunday, whines whenever she thinks something is wrong. Which can get annoying, because our bedroom window is overlooking an alley with dumpsters, and people toss beer bottles out there late at night sometimes, and she gets me up with her whining. Sometimes she does it and I swear she can just hear something we can't. (I know their hearing is more sensitive.)

  3. Yup, Dela is our Aussie. Eek! Now I'm going to be paranoid that there really is something going on when she's whining.

  4. This is too funny! I love the photos. I don't have a dog or kids, so I'm sorry if it was not meant to be funny. :)

  5. Kelsey - Hehe, it was a funny situation although I was super frustrated at the time. Glad you enjoyed it!