Monday, March 28, 2011

Rediscovering My Blazer

I used to wear blazers pretty often when going out to bars near the end of college and post college. At the time, I owned a purple velvet blazer from Gap and a cheapo black one from Walmart that I bought for an interview. I didn't wear the purple blazer as often because it was a little too big back then. I kinda wish I still had it because it would probably fit now. In my partying days, I felt the need to show a lot of skin, so throwing on a blazer gave me some coverage. At work, I never wear blazers because I've always worked in pretty casual biz-casz environments.

I'm thinking I want to work blazers back into my wardrobe. After watching What Not to Wear week after week and having Stacy and Clinton beat people into waist-nipping jacket submission (in the kindest but most sarcastic and hilarious way possible), you'd think I'd have a closet full of blazers at this point. Nope. I have a black Lauren Conrad for Kohl's one from when I interviewed for my current job last year, and I've worn an old one of my husband's once as a boyfriend blazer, but that's it. OK, I also have two short-sleeved ones, but it's not warm enough for those yet.

Recently, I've been trying to only buy clothes I "need," not anything I find that's cheap. Being in the midst of weight loss is helping with that, too, because I really don't want to buy clothes in my current size if I don't need them. Anyway, so I'm adding a fun, cute blazer to the to-buy list in my head.

In the meantime, I've been thinking of a couple ways to wear the blazer I have in the next few weeks:

The black blazer and skinny pants option makes me think Kim Kardashian, but I thought the below outfit might be a decent work-to-play outfit for tomorrow. I did not get tickets to the Hanson show, but here's hoping one of my BFF's and I still get in! The cardigan would be worn at work, then the blazer added on top of the cardigan after work for warmth. As for the black cords, they seem a little casual for work and a little dressy for standing outside of a concert, so we'll see. Black dress pants switched to skinny jeans may be substituted. And I may scrap the whole outfit by tomorrow and start over anyway. Because comfort over style might be the goal here, considering the circumstances.

Next, I tried to ponder a way to make a maxi dress work-appropriate for the Everybody, Everywear Maxi Day on April 12. After doing a Google search, I don't think a full length dress is going to cut it at work. Hence, I'm going to attempt to belt it in such a way to make it a little longer than knee-length, then throw on some top and the blazer. For after work activities (probably just walking the dog and grocery shopping), I'll let the dress drop to full length. Not sure if that navy striped shirt will work, so maybe it'll be a plain white t-shirt. Hmm, I wonder what wearing a shirt under the dress would look like.

I also have a gray Old Navy maxi dress with black flowers on the bottom that may work better for what I'm trying to accomplish. I'll have to try both and see what looks better.

While I'm thinking of blazers and Everybody, Everywear challenges, I should check out the results of their blazer day for some more inspiration.

Any other thoughts on either my outfit for tomorrow or for Maxi Day?


  1. i love the blazer outfit you put together! super cute and colorful...and you can't go wrong with layering!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully it'll work once I actually put it all together!

  3. Love both combo's you created. I love blazers but since I am a SAHM I look for softer cuts that only look structured to allow me to move easily with kids.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the nice comments. Always nice to meet new mommy fashion bloggers.

  4. I wore a blazer over a maxi dress the other day and it worked very well - I think that last outfit will look fabulous on you.