Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Outfit Inspiration Fun

Wow this was fun.  I could see how someone could waste hours on this site.  I've seen stuff like this done on some blogs, but I wasn't inspired to start my own until this morning.

On my way to work, I called into a local radio station to try to win tickets to the third Chicago NKOTBSB show that was announced.  I can't even go to the show, by the way (Plus, I'm already going to the June 18 show.); I just wanted to see if I could win.  Then I started thinking about what one would wear to one of these shows and how I could blog about it, and I thought of Polyvore.  Another cool thing I noticed you can do on Polyvore besides build outfits is interior design, for those of you who are into that (ahem, Mrs. T).

Although the majority of the guys in the NKOTB and Backstreet Boys are either married or gay (OK, so there's only one gay guy), I still think going a little scandalous in the outfit would be completely apropos.  They're in order from least dressy to dressiest.


  1. Hi from Bloggy Moms-I'm your newest follower. How fun! Very nice outfits. I especially looove those blue heels=) Back in my working days, I would've gone straight out to buy me a pair. It's times like this when being a SAHM is stinky.

  2. Thanks! Following you right back!