Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daycare Days 1 and 2

Another pic taken by sis-in-law

First of all, thank you, friends with baby experience, for your insight on my last post about Bridget and her lack of sleep.  I'm definitely starting to realize that every day is something new; and just because she's really happy one day, doesn't mean she will be happy the next day.  Or even the next minute.

I promise I won't write about daycare every day, but this was significant because Bridget's first two days of daycare were polar opposites of each other.

Day 1: Happy Day.  Her daily report card showed that she was happy all day but that the only thing wrong was that any loud noise startled her.  Even when we got her home, she was completely content and smiled at Nate and played in her jumperoo while I made dinner.  (It all sounds very domestic and idyllic, but the meal was Tuna Helper, so don't give me too much credit, haha.)

Day 2: Fussy Day.  The day seemed to start off OK, so I was expecting more glowing reviews when I picked Bridge up from daycare.  Not so much.  Maybe it was in part because of her sleeplessness the night before, but Bridget apparently had been fussy all day.  Every time any baby started crying, she would start, too.  She didn't like the noise in the room at all, and she had only eaten 4 oz. of formula since she got there.  That alone was concerning to me, but the lady assured me that often there's an adjustment period, and I shouldn't be too concerned.

I had to stop at Target, and Bridget was an angel the whole time and mostly just slept.  Throughout the night, she alternated gurgling happily to herself and bawling her eyes out, but she still didn't eat much at all.  Nate had some trouble getting her to go to sleep, so I took over, threw some music on, and she was out.

Even though she seemed to be coughing and sneezing more than usual, she slept so much better than Monday night.  At that point, she was probably just so exhausted that she finally had a chance to catch up on some sleep.

Day 3: Yet to be seen.  This morning, she was smiley as usual and chugged down 3.5 oz of formula.  Actually maybe it was 2.5...I didn't check the bottle beforehand.  The car ride must've left her pretty sleepy because she didn't fuss at all when I moved her from her car seat to a little rocker chair thing at daycare.  So we'll see how today goes!

The reason I mentioned the coughing and sneezing is because Nate just came down with a cold and is home today with a bad sore throat and headache.  So hopefully Bridget doesn't catch whatever he has.  I had to get Bridget ready by myself this morning since Nate was resting, and it was even harder getting out the door on time.  Another shout out to single parents--I don't know how you do it, and you amaze and bewilder me.

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  1. it's so hard leaving them. just remember babies will have good and bad days no matter where they are. and they're right there will be an adjustment and some babies have a harder time adjusting so you just never know. hope she has a good day today!!!!