Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bridget Lately

Bridget's wearing pretty much all homemade stuff here (except her undershirt)--neat!

We've settled into a pretty good routine in the Mixed-up household.  I'm still working on finding the balance in my life, but that's nothing new.  Hubs and I have implemented a good system of taking turns so that neither of us lose sleep or patience.  I still do the laundry, and he still does the dishes for the most part, but we alternate nights putting Bridget to bed.  She still wakes up once or twice during the night, so we take turns with that, too.  If one person took the 1 AM shift one night, the other one does it the next night.

Last night, I got up at 1 AM, so when Bridget started grunting and fussing at 4:30, Nate suggested waiting a minute to see if she started crying instead of him jumping up right away.  I mumbled "K," rolled over, and fell back asleep.  At 5:30, my alarm went off, and I heard Bridget grunting a little again.  Nate didn't end up getting up to feed her at 4:30, but he also said he didn't get any sleep that last hour since she had been up the whole time.  So on one hand, score!  We may only have to get up once a night now.  On the other hand, bummer, she's still going to make noise from probably 4-6 every morning.  Baby steps.

Some of you may have seen my tweet yesterday about Bridget's cradle cap.  A couple of my friends reassured me about it already, but it still does kind of weird me out.  The girls at the daycare asked if they could work on remedying her cradle cap.  I said, "Sure, go for it!"  I certainly wasn't having any luck getting rid of it.  By the way, if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, cradle cap is basically dry scaly skin on the baby's scalp.  It's kind of gross, but not the grossest thing ever, by any means.  Anyway, when I picked her up yesterday, I noticed that her head was noticeably free of scales.  Neat!  It wasn't until later that I also noticed it was almost entirely free of hair.  She now has very short wispy hairs on the top of her head, but her normal hair on the back of her head.  And of course the small bald spot on the back of her head that's always been there.  My poor baldilocks.  Like I said, though, a couple friends reassured me that her hair will grow back soon, and all will be fine.  It's not like the kids in class are going to make fun of her.

Bridge certainly doesn't care.  When I picked her up yesterday, she was all smiles with her feet up in the air.  Her new thing is playing with her feet, which seems to be pretty standard for babies her age.  She still likes her hands and anything made of fabric that she can bring to her mouth, like her shirts, blankets, or the tutu pictured.  I was really hoping she'd like her Sophie giraffe because it's cute and French, but no.  Not so much yet.  Unless it's her feet, hands, or fabric, she's not really interested.

One toy that does hold her attention briefly is her new LeapFrog My Puppy Pal that she received from a family friend.  I think our dog, Delaware, and I are more amused with it right now than she is, but I think Bridget will really like it when she gets a little older.  It's pretty cool because you can program it to say her name.  I also got her one of those seahorse toys that everybody raves about, but she wants absolutely nothing to do with that right now.  I guess we'll stick to her Queen or Journey lullaby CDs when we need her to go to sleep since those seem to be most effective.

Speaking of her sleeping and going back to the fact that Bridget now lifts her feet, that skill has also given her the ability to roll onto her side.  One day I found her practically face down in bed, which freaked me out a little, especially since she was still in her swaddle blanket.  Ah motherhood.  Now I get to worry about my kid for the rest of my life.  I'm starting to understand that aspect of my mom more although I think she can stop worrying about me now.  I'm 28, for crying out loud.

I think that's all that's new in Bridget's life.  Her 4-month checkup and shots appointment is coming up in a few weeks, so that'll be fun to see how much she's grown and such.  I'm glad Nate's taking her again, though, because I wouldn't want to watch her get the shots.  Although he hates needles and I don't mind them, he's much calmer in situations like that.


  1. It's good to hear that things are going well with Bridget. Hopefully she continues with the only getting up once a night for you and eventually STTN. As far as the grunting goes it hasn't stopped for us. Aubrey wakes up multiple times a night and cries for a few seconds and then goes back to sleep, we think its dreams that she is having. At first it woke us up, but not so much, not unless she is really crying.

    I might suggest you use a sleep sack for sleep now that she is able to move around more in her crib. Then her arms will be free to push her self up when she tries to roll so that she does not land face first. We have three total, two that we use now that are fleece. Aubrey is able to roll around and move to different positions with them on at night. Most of the time being at the opposite end that I lay her down in at night. Yeah my daughter is a wild sleeper.

  2. Yeah, maybe we'll have to try to have her sleep just with a sleep sack. I'm a little worried about her arms flailing around and waking her up, but it's definitely worth a shot. Much better than her rolling over with her arms pinned down.

  3. Bridget is adorable. And I'm not going to lie, I totally laughed when you said she was both devoid of cradle cap and most of her hair. I guess that's one way to 'fix' it...

  4. Gracey - Haha, right? In all fairness, they did warn me that the scales or whatever can stick to the hair, but I just didn't take them very seriously at the time. I didn't think her head was that bad, but apparently it was. Oh well!

    I don't know, it's all kind of gross to talk about. I'm not a big fan of having to use the word "scales" in the same sentence with "my daughter" unless she's learning the piano.

  5. I think the bald back of the head is cute on all babies hehe. I don't think I've seen a newborn that doesn't have some hair missing! GREAT job picking out the other blogger girls outfit!!! I love the pop of red in the thin belt!

  6. My stepbrother had awful cradle cap through his toddler years. One trick my mom learned from a doctor was to rub baby oil on his scalp, let it sit for a bit (admittedly--this part might be tough with a baby!) and then wash it out. She used a neutrogena shampoo-- T Sal maybe? Not sure if this is safe to use with babies but it may be worth asking about!

  7. Hi Jessica, thanks for the comment! We have tried the Neutrogena stuff (well, the Target off-brand version) and that didn't seem to do anything. I've heard about the oil idea, and I think that's what the daycare did to get rid of it. We never actually tried it ourselves at home.

    One thing I'm wondering about--does the cradle cap come back? Or is it a one-time thing once you get rid of it? I'm pretty sure I can guess the answer to this, but one can hope, right?