Friday, July 15, 2011

Bastille Days Lunch Break

For lunch today, I decided to walk over and check out Food Truck Friday at Cathedral Square. As I approached, though, I noticed there were a lot of tents, but not so many trucks. What a happy surprise--Bastille Days was going on there instead!

Although I'm really into French things, I've actually never been to Bastille Days, but it's pretty much just like every other local street festival, a.k.a. awesome. Lots of good food and shopping--some of it cheesy (the food and the shopping), some of it fun.

My original plan was just to get food and book it back to work, but the first booth I spotted had flower headbands, which I love buying for Bridget. However, these were adult sized, so I wasn't as interested. They did have floppy straw hats for their headbands to go on, so I picked one of those up.  Unfortunately, the headband makes the hat all bent out of shape, so I think it'll have to be worn separately after all.

I also found two bracelets--the green one was an impulse buy because it was only $5 (not a good reason to buy something, by the way), and the wrap bracelet is something I've been casually looking for for awhile.  And it kind of matches my Golden Snitch bracelet (nerd)!

As for the food, I did scope out the crepes, but they all seemed to have custard in them, and I don't like crap in my crepes.  It's not a snobby thing; it's an I-don't-like-cream-stuff texture thing.  I ended up getting a cheddar and jalapeno stuffed pretzel and cinnamon roasted pecans.  Hmm, they don't look that good in that picture, but they were delish.

It was nice going at lunch, too, because it wasn't busy at all.  I'll have to remember that again for next year.

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