Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 24 of 30: I Just Hiked Up a Mountain

I wanted to throw an expletive in there, but I kept it clean for ya. Hiking up a mountain is not easy. It took us about four hours to get to the top and then back down, and for me, the hike down was almost as difficult as the hike up. But I did it!

I liken it almost to labor: would I do it again? Only if enough time passes that I forget how long and painful it was. And like labor, maybe I'd only do it again ONCE. I'm just kidding--having a baby hurts a lot more, but this was extremely tiring for someone as out of shape as I. Maybe I lost some lbs today at least.

When hubs took this picture, he told me to "look pissed," but it wasn't far off from my real feelings at the time.

The views were beautiful, though. I did enjoy the part when we were actually on the top of the mountain.  And hubs was more than willing to take outfit photos for me with the mountain and ocean in the background.

Tank Top: H&M; Shirt: husband's; Capris: Old Navy; Sandals: Keen; Sunglasses:; Watch: Target; Bracelet: Mexicali Blues

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