Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 28 of 30: Retail Therapy

Dress and Shoes: Kohl's; Shirt: New York & Company; Bracelets: Mexicali Blues 

The last time I remember tying my shirt like this was 7th grade, and I only remember because there's photographic evidence of my 13th birthday party.  Which was an awesome one, by the way.  My mom surprised my friends and me with a limo picking us up from school and bringing us to dinner at Organ Piper Pizza. 

I actually really dig the tied shirt look--it does the job of a belt, which I also tried this morning, and defines a waist.  The knot kept coming untied, though, so I ended up double knotting it after work--I didn't think it looked as good that way, but whatevs.

Besides liking my outfit in general, I've had a bit of a day--one that ultimately ended in retail therapy...and wine.  I've really broken the shopping ban now.  New York & Company sales always get me!  All of their summer stuff was on sale for like $10 or less!  Admittedly, I am having a leeettle bit of buyer's remorse about some of the stuff; who knows, maybe I'll have to return half of it once it comes in the mail.

Here's my haul in case you want to shake your finger at me and say "tsk, tsk": blazerplaid bermuda shorts, dress pants, pink floral skirt, pink drapey cardigan (by the way, is that Bianca from ANTM modeling the green cardi?), green belt, pencil skirt (I know it's metallic, but I don't own any pencil skirts), green floral shorts, cropped khakis (for camping next weekend?), skinny cropped jeans.  Yeah, excessive, I know.  But, but $8!

They should sponsor my blog.  Eh?  Eh?  Heh...


  1. This outfit looks amazing on you! One of my favorites! The print, the tied top, cute too knot...perfect!!

  2. The proportions on that outfit are fabulous! Looks good with your hair up too!

  3. Wow you look great and I love tying my tops that way. I broke that retail ban and I am so behind. You are doing great darling. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  4. great dress...love how you knotted it in place of a belt...looking great!!