Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some Harry Potter Hype

Because I don't want it all to end.

I had heard that it was an intense, amazing, emotional rollercoaster, and it was.  Once again, I was captivated by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this time Part 2.  The movie itself lived up to my expectations.  It was suspenseful, poignant, and exciting, but it also had bits of humor peppered in (mostly on lovable Neville's part).  The only semi-negative comment I have is that I could've done without the 3D.  Aside maybe from the opening scene where you felt like you were in the room with Snape, I don't think it added much to the movie.  But that's where my complaints end. 

Whether you're getting psyched up to see it yourself, or you've already seen it but want to relive it, or you're waiting for the DVD release but wouldn't mind something to hold you over until then, here are some Harry Potter related links that amused me lately.

First, I loved MTV Style's "Raiding The 'Harry Potter' Cast's Closets" series this week.  Each day, they chose one of the ladies from the cast and showed you how to recreate her style.
1. Luna Lovegood
2. Hermione Granger
3. Bellatrix Lestrange
4. Rita Skeeter
5. Fleur Delacour

Need a quick recap of the first seven movies?  Check out the youtube video 7 Harry Potter Movies in 7 Minutes. It's also kind of funny, and they pose some very intriguing questions, actually.

This review of the new movie made get a bit choked up and chuckle at the same time.

MTV did a hilarious interview with the stars where they were asked to talk like Americans. And now there's a part two (which I still haven't watched, but I hear it's not as funny as part one)!

Crazy fans are the best, so it was fun to see what they wore to midnight showings in MTV Style's Show Us Your Style video.

Oh yeah, I can't forget to give love to the etsy shop, ViperCoraraDesigns, where I got my Golden Snitch bracelet.

I enjoyed the scene in the movie where they showed Hogsmeade because it reminded me of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  My vacations pictures are not all Harry Potter related, but there are some goods ones in there.

Have all the fans signed up for Pottermore yet??


  1. Fabulous HP post! I like that you included lots of other links :) I haven't seen it yet (but plan to this week) but I agree on the whole 3D; I've seen 3 movies in 3D and I really don't think its worth the extra cash. Love those style links :) thanks for your comments on my 30 for 30 remix :)


  2. This post made me wish I liked HP. Hope all is well! Posted my scarf today. Love it! Hugs.

  3. Luna is my favorite. For super serious. And I agree on the 3D, I could of done without but when we bought pre sale tickets that's all that was offered, boo! But I LOVED it. I was filled with overwhelming joy when I saw Mrs. Weasley's scene stealing bit. :)

  4. Totally, Mrs. Weasley is the shiznit. As is Luna, of course.