Monday, July 18, 2011

Refashioning a Dowdy Nightgown into a Cute Summer Dress

This shapeless, granny-looking nightgown caught my eye while I was wandering around Walmart yesterday. I use the word “wandering” a lot when I refer to shopping because that’s basically how I like to shop. Kind of meander through a store, glancing at everything to see if anything pops out at me. That’s why I haven’t taken to thrift shopping--way too much patience and hard work required.


Anyway, I saw this nightgown and really liked the neckline of it. And the color of course. The shape and the sleeves, though? Blech. I almost passed it up, but I saw that it was on sale for $9. Oh why not?

The second I got it home, I cut the sleeves off. Then, I flipped it inside out, put it on, and attempted to pin the sides, instead poking my fingers about a dozen times. After I finally got the sides and hem pinned with the help of a couple safety pins, the sewing part went really quickly. Unfortunately, I noticed I had given myself pointy hips, so I ended up taking the hips in a little, too.


But it ended up turning out pretty cute. Shirtdresses drive me crazy because they never seem to stay buttoned all the way (in this case, whenever I sit down), so my next step is to sew the front of it shut. Then it’ll be finished.

Unbelted--definitely looks better with a belt

Haha, when I was saving these cropped pictures, I almost saved one as "tranny" instead of "granny." Hahaha, I amuse myself.

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Screen shot 2011-07-14 at 11.27.00 PM.png


  1. Gah!! That's adorable!! Never would have thought, but geeze, you make it look perfect and easy! :)

  2. Um, I would totally buy your dress version! It's so cute. You have a great eye and amazing talent. Job well done!!!!

  3. Shut the hell up, this is brilliant. I'm so impressed with you right now!

  4. I immediately thought exactly what Gracey said: This is positively brilliant. I'm in awe.