Friday, July 15, 2011

Mommy Realizations

I had two mommy realizations this week.

First one...

It hit me a couple nights ago that my reactions to babies have taken a 180 in the last year.  When I was visiting my friend's baby on Wednesday, I took my turn holding the little guy right after dinner while sitting at the kitchen table.  He started to fuss, so I adjusted his position so that his head was facing my chest and stood up to bounce around a little. 

Flashback to last year:  I sat nervously on another friend's couch while her adorable son was passed around.  I waited until someone asked if I wanted a turn and sat rooted in my spot until he was set in my tense arms.  I was terrified of standing up while holding a  baby back then!  Oh what a difference a year and a baby of my own makes.

Second one...

I was one of those moms tonight.  The mom that makes onlookers raise their eyebrows.  Bridget and I joined Hubs at a work party, which was held at a brewery with an outdoor seating area where everyone was hanging out.  There were a couple other babies there, so that wasn't the weird part. 

At one point, Bridget needed a diaper change, so I took her inside to ask if they had a changing table in their bathroom (only one person can go in at a time, so I couldn't just check myself) although I was 99% sure they didn't.  When my suspicions were confirmed, I shuffled back outside and debated whether to walk back to the car to change her or just go home.  I didn't really feel like doing either, so I sat at an empty table, considered for a moment plopping Bridget's butt right on the tabletop, but then thought better of it and changed her right on my lap.  Everyone in our group thought it was funny and inventive, but a couple at a nearby table was definitely judging.  Just trying to make it work over here!  But admittedly, before I was a mom, I probably would've judged, too.  And at least I didn't put her on the table!


  1. Been there done that. I have changed diapers in the trunk of my car, in a stroller at the mall(because the changing table was disgusting to put my newborn on) or park you name.....I totally believe in the phrase "You can't scare me, I am a mom." not that that has anything to do with changing diapers anywhere.

  2. It is so interesting how until you become a parent things like this never even cross your mind! Thank you for the heads up - haha!

  3. I've had that realization too, prior to having Aaron, being given a baby or even just being in the same room with one I was... lacking all confidence but now I don't even think about it. I also have changed diapers in my lap, in the car, in the stroller at the outlet mall, in the stroller at summerfest, when it needs to be changed it needs to be changed, just gotta make it work.