Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 22 of 30: Wine Tasting and Shopping

I took this picture at 11:30 at the end of a fun but very sunny day, so as you can see, I look a little sleepy and definitely sunburt.

Top and Watch: Target; Capris: Old Navy; Bracelet: Mexicali Blues; Sunglasses:
My day started off lounging by the lake again and getting within striking distance of the end of Harry Potter.  I forgot how good the last book is.  Nine days!  I got pretty hot in the hour or so I was sitting there, so I jumped in the lake for a minute, too.

Then, I headed to Winterport Winery, another one of our regular stops, with hubs, mom-in-law and sis-in-law.  I had actually only been there one other time, and it was when I was pregnant, so I enjoyed it more this time around.  We picked up a couple bottles to drive while here and shipped a case home.

Hubs parted ways, and the three of us ladies drove about an hour and a half or so down the road to Freeport for some outlet mall shopping.  I miss shopping!  I haven't had an actually shopping excursion in a really long time, so I had fun.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize how early stores closed, so we didn't get to do all the shopping we had potential for.  We did buy some fun stuff, though, including some clothes for Bridget (baby clothes are so easy to buy).

One of the stores we went in was this cool Maine-based hippie/bohemian clothing and accessories store called Mexicali Blues.  I must've spent 15 minutes just browsing through the bracelet section.  Mom bought sis a suuuuper cute maxi dress, and I finally decided on four bracelets.

Mom felt bad that I didn't find any clothes at Mexicali Blues, but then I spotted this perfectly nautical breton stripe shirt at LLBean, so she bought me that.  Score!

The plan for today is hitting another one of our regular wineries to stock up and then eating some lobster/seafood at aunt and uncle's home on the ocean. 

OK, hilarious anecdote.  Hubs just got out of the shower and it hit him that the bottle of shampoo he had been using for the last three days expired in 2006.  Bahahahaha.  So they probably bought it when he was 16.  It was funny.

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