Monday, July 18, 2011

Running Errands with the Baby

Hubs had to do some work yesterday, so my goal for the day was to run errands and get some food in the house. It was super hot and sunny out, so Bridget and I dressed accordingly.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do pattern mixing with a striped shirt, but I really loved Jen’s outfit with her light gray striped tank and floral skirt. The hat would’ve been a fun add, but A. I don’t have a hat like that, B. I feel like I get weird looks when I wear hats, and C. It was too hot even for a hat. And by the way, I don’t think it even reached 90° where I live since it’s near the lake. The humidity was ridiculous, though.

Tank: Kohl’s (maternity); Skirt: New York & Company; Sandals: L.L. Bean; Headband: self-made; Bracelet: booth at Bastille Days

By the way, tip for the pregnant ladies. Don’t bother with the ribbed maternity tanks at Kohl’s. This one wasn’t that long to begin with, but it shrunk after being washed, and now it’s shorter than most of the other tanks I own. It kinda just bugs me every time I wear it, but yet I still haven’t gotten rid of it. The Target ones are awesome and super long; I still wear the tank I got from there.

When we got home from running errands, Bridget took a nap while I watched The Glee Project and started two DIY projects that I’ll post about later.

Other than that, I’ve already written about the rest of my weekend. Saturday, I stopped at Fish Day (another local festival, this one with a fish theme) briefly to introduce Bridget to some friends. That’s about it!

I just think it's funny how pooped Dela looks in this picture:

Be sure to check out Carla's post today on Simply Bubblelicious. She's modeling the scarf I got her for the scarf swap!

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  1. Both Bridget and Dela are so cute! And I love your subtle pattern mixing with the gray and florals.. great combo! -Rachel

  2. I can't comment on the maternity tanks, but totally agree that the Target tanks are nice and long. And I love your skirt with this particular tank. You and Bridget both look fab.

  3. I have two ribbed maternity tanks from Target and am thinking about getting a few more. I also love how long they are, and they're also good for sleeping in in this heat!

  4. I'm just jealous that it didn't even hit 90 there!

    The ribbed maternity tanks from Old Navy were awesome a couple years ago!