Friday, July 15, 2011

Recap of Days 16 - 30

So whattaya think? I'm liking 25 and 28 best--I really wish my maxi dress would stop stretching out! 

Some final thoughts:

  • I'm excited to get back to the rest of my closet, but I'm actually kind of feeling overwhelmed by the idea, too.  Maybe I should appease my husband and do the 30 for 30 every month...maybe not.
  • It was a bummer that I lost two of my items along the way, but at least it happened near the end.
  • Having a vacation in the middle made it a lot easier, I think.  That was one week I didn't have to think of new work outfits.
  • Those capris are from now on going to be saved for scrubby, lazy days.  Looking at these pictures, they're not that cute on.
  • I need to start wearing heels so my work pants stop dragging on the floor.
  • I do believe I will be tying shirts more often this summer.  Who knew?
  • My daughter's cute.
Hehe, OK, that's all!  Oh heeeeyyy, closet!

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